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Friday, August 31, 2007

Петък вечер

Последните няколко дена ме мъчат лоши сънища и от време на време позапушен нос.
Но то това предполагам е в реда на нещата като знаем, че е 10 градуса...

Гледах Next. Хареса ми защото до последно има напрежение и свърши така, че да остави чувството, че би могло да има много.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kanye West & Daft Punk - Stronger

All day long I felt sad for no reason. -> How fucked up can that be?

Finally bought the tickets to Paris. -> Looking really forward to explore the city.

Can't think of anything else. Or to be honest there is a shitload of stuff I could write about but I don't feel like sharing.

No matter how strange it might sound my fragile idea of how things should be is changing.
Am even afraid I won't be able to follow up all the changes I am undergoing.


And meanwhile check out Kanye West & Daft Punk - Stronger.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Бира, бира, бира

Вчера успях да се насвяткам с 3 бири и половина толкова успешно, че като си легнах ми се въртеше всичко пред очите.

Днеска ще купуваме билети за Париж. Има билети по 55 евро двупосочни. А както изглежда ще има и къде да спим. Нямам търпение да видя Париж 20 години по-късно:)
Ще имам снимки от бебе Валя в Париж и младата дама пак там :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Relax, take it easy

Не знам за вас, но на мен Мика ми звучи малко като кастриран. Инък песничката е яка.

Времето е зле тия дни.

А песничката завършва по страннен начин. Няква женка с цигански отенък нарежда нещо.

Искам да съм най-търпеливия човек на света. Искам да играя роли. Искам да искам.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday the 13th or how doctors wanna fist u

I am totally pissed off about doctors in Czech republic. As far as I have seen the system is more or less like in Bulgaria. You have a GP who is sending you to some specialist.

In the beginning of the year I was sick so I went to my GP. For some reason he said he has to make an anal digital examination. While he was telling me that he put his plastic glove and I could see how determined he was to stick his finger in my asshole. I was really shocked from that and told him that maybe some other time he could do this. Luckily he never mentioned that again. It turned out though that every one who went to see him got this tempting offer for a finger in the ass.

Not long ago my lymph knots started to swell. This made me feel uncomfortable after some time and I decided to see the weird doctor so that at least I could stop worrying all the time if I have something or not. All he did was make a blood test after which I looked for a week as a drug addict with a huge blue stain on my hand. The blood test didn't show any extraordinary results so I assumed I was okay. The doctor was telling me that most probably I am allergic to animals, which ain't true because we have had a dog for several years and I never noticed something getting swollen.

This would have been pretty much okay but it went further. I wanted to see a gynecologist. The GP send me to some doctor where they refused to take me for some reason. After talking to the doctor and asking him where else I could go he said something like 'Well u took the risk and came to work in the Czech republic without knowing Czech language'. When I heard this I felt like killing him. Coz after all u don't have to know the language of the country u temporarily reside in. Oh well, decided I should go to medicover (only IBM employees have that advantage, contractors like me can use their service if they pay approximately 100 euro for examination). But at that point I was so desperate I was willing to pay that amount. So I went there and they said that they didn't have any gynecologist. At least they gave me the contact of one. She was speaking English fluently but suggested an appointment in september.

After calling a friend I got the contacts of another doctor. Even managed to make an appointment in english for today. So today I went there and the stupid bitch on the reception looked at me pretty satisfied from the fact that she can't speak English. The only one who spoke came and told me I had to make an appointment, to which I replied I already had one.
So end result is you want to go to the doctor, you wait 10 days and they tell u u don't have any appointment. I feel like kicking their asses. Does it have to be that hard to go to the doctor?
Hm, luckily I am going home in less than a month so situation ain't that bad but I still can't believe the way they treat you.
I don't like it when people complain all the time about the country they live in for one or another reason because after all when u live somewhere u have to accept peoples habits and way of acting coz most probably it was ur own will to come here. But in cases like mine when it takes a lot of effort and strong nerves to manage an appointment with a doctor it's not acceptable.

Oh well, just felt like sharing. Hope you have better luck when wanting to visit a doctor.


Intn'l meeting at pub

Yesterday me and my flatmate, thanks to my communication abilities - including counting to 10 in Arabic, were sitting with some guys from Palestine, Jordan, Bahrain and Czech republic.
The fact that 5 nationalities had gathered was pretty interesting.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Off work ;o )

For 4 days....and if that is not cool :D

Almost three hours after noon and I woke up just a while ago...Nice beginning of a lazy session:)

Nothing new lately except the fact that I am going home.

Hope that 20 days would be enough in order to meet everybody and not to be torn apart from

peoples desire to meet me.

I just hope that the exams would pass fast and then I would have some free days to check out

the blaCk sea. Feel like camping ;o)

Oh well, no boring shit for ya anymore.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Приятел в голяма нужда се познава

Та от петък ме мъчат колики и рядко щастие.
Езикът ми е черен от въглени.
Пиша това не за друго ами защото един приятел успя да ме трогне идвайки в 22:30 да ми донесе ИМОДИУМ.

Евалата Ники!

Такива моменти са незамени. Пожелавам ви да имате също хора на които може да разчитате!


И дано скоро да ме стегне щот вече ми писва:)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Long time no see, huh?

Check out my new pictures from the last 2 weeks feat. Jana and Dessy here: