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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cleaning the skin at Yves Roche

Service used : cleaning the face
Where : Yves Roche (Brno and Sofia)
Price : 750 czech crowns / 23 + lv ( this equals 30 euro and 11,5)

As you can see there is a major difference in the price.
The service was more or less the same. Ah, I forgot, they made me pay additional 5 leva for taking care of the eyebrows which was included in the more expensive service in Brno.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

me and fero

Home home home!

Maybe you already know that I am home:)
Landed on thursday. Was the perfect flight coz I slept all the time :)
Ever since I have been meeting friends and family. Even watched my brother on TV.
Here you can find the link
Anyhow, going now to check some shops and then on my grandpas bday celebration:)

Did you buy your Xmass presents?:P

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Final xmass shopping

Today I was again in the stores buying this and that so finally I am done with the Xmass shopping. Btw it hit my mind to use the packing services of Tesco and I must say I am pretty pleased with the result. It cost 65 crowns and it took not more than 5 minutes. This I call fast and satisfying service ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

New year in Ruzomberok

I am going to spend new year in Ruzomberok, Slovakia. Since I bought a snowboard and boots, I would like to test them out as well as see how much I improved since I was trying to snowboard last year. The place we are staying is somewhere on the slope and it looks really nice. Here are few pictures:

You might almost start to get jealous but hold on...There is a small detail, which turns out to be of high importance...

There is not snow yet and the slopes are not open!

Yes! The worse part is that we have paid half of the accommodation so want it or not we are going there. The only way out I see is to start praying for snow and hoping my prayers will be answered. If not, we will save money from Ski pass...but that's not what I want.

Sometimes I just hate to be social

Sometimes I just hate to be social.
Especially when I have to meet someone not because I really want to but because I have to.

Vienna again

Vienna had wonderful Christmas decoration.Maybe we will see them soon in Sofia.
Unfortunately since it was Sunday only the souvenir shops were opened in the city.
There were several Christmas markets. We went to Karlsplatz, Maria Theresien Platz and in front of the Rathaus. We managed also to see an exhibition of Gustav Klimt at Belvedere.
Unfortunately I am not good at taking pictures when it's dark, it all seems to be blurred. Maybe it's my cameras fault. Anyway here are some pictures:

A skull

Even trams are decorated:P

Karlsplatz have turned into a pony arena :

More Christmas decoration :

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures of Brangelina on Facebook

So I was checking Facebook when I saw one of my 'friends' had commented on a picture on which was Brangelina to be seen.
The album where the pictures were, was called New York. So I assume that the friend of 'my friend' was in NY, when he bumped into that:

Here are the pictures:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Xmass shopping-almost done!

I am so happy. Xmass shopping is almost done. Need few little stuff and horray!
Longing after weekend! One more day to survive:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Going home

Finally I am going home for Christmas.
10 days of pure vacation without any stressing due to exams :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Passed the exam today with 36 out of 40.
ITIL certified I am :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank you!

I want to say thank you to Niki, Iliya and Mecho Puh.
They know why!

Monday, December 1, 2008

At the post office

We can't find your package. Can you please come tomorrow?
They promised they will call the next day. Of course nobody did.
We called them...Their reply was ' I am sorry the package was too big and that's why we couldn't find it'

Anyway I received my snowboard and bindings. Both are Flow. Pictures will follow.
New Years place is booked. Tatry again! Now we have to pray there will be snow...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Offline or online?

The other day I went to Zezula to buy the snowboard. Oh well, they didn't have the boots in the size I needed. It turned out they didn't have the bindings either...
So I left a bit unhappy and disappointed coz it was a good deal...
Same evening we decided to go eat out at the place from which we usually order food, Zakki...all the tables were reserved...
The next days I was checking out the other stores but I couldn't find a good enough deal so at the end I ordered from zezulas e shop. What they didn't have offline they had online...or at least they charged my card already so I really hope they deliver what I paid for.
Yesterday I got the boots. From Mamut. The guy was really helpful and as a result I walked out of the store with 3000 less on my card and a new pair of snowboarding boots...
So now I have to buy new pants and I am totally ready for the season:)
Anyway my point was...Is it a better choice to shop online than offline?
From my experience it looks like online is cheaper and easier but you miss the feeling to walk out of the store with the stuff u bought;)
Btw when we were buying the TV it was a price difference between buying it offline and online of about 100 euro.Not too small to be ignored I would say.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This was a successfull vacation

Last weekend to make the experience (thermal baths) even more pleasant we treated ourselves with massage. So when the girl was talking to me in Slovak I asked her to speak in English. This made the guy who was going to massage Martin ask him where I am from etc. After he replied I was from Bulgaria the guy told him 'obviously you had a successful vacation'. Understood should be 'ah u went to vacation in Bulgaria and brought back a girl...' ;)

This will be mine!

Tomorrow first thing I will do after work is to run to that shop and finally buy that snowboard. Last year I tried snowboarding for the first time and I think it might be a lot of fun once I would learn how to snowboard. But the idea of spending time in the mountains during winter and staying in the sun is way too strong and makes me forget all the blue memories:;)

back again

Yeah, I know I was gone for some time.

Mango event was crazy. No, not meant in the good way. They were giving bonbons and baileys and everyone was suffering from the crazy 20% discount madness and the store was full and one had to wait for quite a long time. At the end we got top for free, last months edition from Elle and cleansing water and 20% discount on the thing we bought.

Weekend in Slovakia
Last friday me and Martin left to Slovakia. Destination was lower Tatry, Liptovsky Jan.
Maybe you wonder why we went there...Yeah there is no snow yet but soon there will be!!! We found a huge amount on Slovak crowns which needed to be spent so instead of exchanging it we decided to spend it. And yeah, I lied. We didn't find it but somehow received it:P
Anyhow, we went to thermal baths. They were 20 km from the place we were staying but it was okay. The room was a big surprise. We had a room for 2 in a hotel and besides the huge amount of loud! retired people and the fact that in the room were 2 separate beds instead of a big one, everything was fine. Price included breakfast and diner.
We arrived friday after a long ride. It's 300 km from Brno.
Then next day we went to the biggest cave in Slovakia. One hour underground. After that we finally went to the baths...It was great. The fact that u can be in your bathing suit on that weather was funny a lot. More funny was how we were running from pool to pool and freezing cause after all outside was 12 degrees and we were wet. But once we got into the 38 degrees water all was fine.
After we got tired from the baths outside we went to the inner pool and the slide:)
Ah well. Warmly recommend thermal baths during winter. Amazing experience.
The place we were at is called Besenova Thermal park . Next to it is also Tatralandia but we satisfied ourselves only with the 1st one.

On the way back we stopped in Trencin. It has the biggest castle I have ever seen. It was on a hill, so many stairs had to be climbed and it was so huge...
Tried some traditional slovak food haluski...ah well:D I think rebra, zebra is much better:P
While we were sitting in the pub and eating some kids came inside and started ordering ice cram and french fries. I think when I was their age I never was in a pub. Oh how old I only sound:;)
They took out some wallet and started counting money. Funny thing was that they had more than I had myself:) Their parents might have been way too desperate for spending some quality time to let the kids out with all these money:))

Ah well I know it sounds chaotic but I guess you get my mood:) Somehow excited, full of energy and glad!
Hope you feel the same and...weekend is only 2 days away...Oh yeah;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So today is St.Martin and of course Martin has names day. So I was thinking to surprise him with something and at the end I bought us tickets to Shaolin show which was yesterday in Brno.
It was fun but even a bit scary at moments. They were aiming at balloons through glass..and the balloon went kaboom!..through the glass. I didn't understand too much since it was in Czech the talking but it turned out that the CHI energy is super important. They were lying on big knives, breaking sticks in their heads, hands, legs.
There were also some Indians showing martial arts and fighting with some 'snake' swords, which were quite long. It was interesting to see they have different fighting styles, etc.

One note about the stupid audience. Since it was a bigger event with more people I decided it's better to be a bit earlier there. The show started and the people were still coming in. I think 20 minutes after the official start everybody was able to take their places which annoyed me a lot but...maybe people are busy a lot these days and can't make it on time. Fckers:D

Ah and the other thing which hit me is that if a Shaolin munch decides to try some break dancing..they will rock. They were moving with such an ease...

New job

I am starting a new job as of tomorrow. I am a bit excited.
Company is still the same. I will be changing only departments but still.
Actually I was supposed to start on the 3rd of November but I got sick so I stayed for a week home.
Huh, tomorrow I am going for the last time to the doctor to end my sick leave and then off to work:)
Today I was at the doctor again...they took blood.

Wish me good luck :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Facebook - worse than gossip girl

Somehow I start to dislike facebook. People are so eager to upload pictures and to write new statuses so u don't feel the need to talk to them coz u already know everything.

Wonderful hair mask

Since I am sick and staying home I have a lot of time to do the puzzle, wash the dished or even do a hair mask:)
Here is what I tried yesterday and yeah it made the hair look shiny and feel super soft.
Clay aka хума , some honey, some vinegar and one egg. I stayed with it for 30 minutes and then washed my hair with shampoo.
In case you try it or know other ways to use the clay please let me know.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Panda on a bamboo ;-)


Don't tell me you haven't heard about it yet? Come on.

I first found out about Spidersport in a newspaper. Contacted Galya and started traning with Milko. This three months I would never forget since they expanded my knowledge a lot, changed they way I felt and much more. Suddenly I became strong (carrying 40 kg was not a big effort), full of energy and coped with my bad mood while lifting weights. I would never forget how I failed my final exam in university for which I had taken one month off work and then went to the nearest gym with my white leather hand gloves lifted some weights and felt good.
Oh well...unfortunately I managed to screw everything up, which is my bad.

Anyway I just wanted to share with your their blogs (on the right under 'things I read') and their useful site.
And in case you want to learn some more about your own body and how to feel better...that's the place.


I asked u in one of the previous posts to ask me questions.

Q1: Zazie asked me when we're gonna have a beer or two:P
A : No plans to go home until the end of the year;:)

Q2: Someone who reads me since some time and no questions yet...
A: Take your time.

Oh well...I had to embarrass myself. If I was so brave to put questions:)

Shopping in Vienna

Last Thursday me and a friend decided to go to Vienna for some shopping.
We had around 5 hours which were not enough.We managed to walk around Stephans Dome..

I came home with a black leather bag. I repeat leather. Here is a detail of it:

And the whole picture especially for Zazie:)

Also with a black coat. Pay attention to the collar:

One V neck cotton sweater from H&M for 10 euro in blue and one black 100% acrylic cardigan from H&M for 15 euro.
I must say I am total freak when it comes to buying clothes.What I am doing is to always check the label and see what material a piece of clothing is made of.
I try to buy only clothes from cotton or wool and try to avoid acrylic etc but maybe this was the best cardigan I could find that looked normal and was price wise okay. Actually I wanted really bad to buy a dark blue cardigan with golden buttons...but I didn't find one.
Maybe I should check some second hand...:D

Let me introduce to you...

That's my new companion when taking baths. Not only is he cute but he is able to blink in red and blue and yellow. Check it out yourselves!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Mrs red nose turned to Mrs. Antibiotic and one week home stay

Today I went to the doctor and luckily this time they didn't take blood but I got antibiotics and sick leave for a week. Oh well, now I am playing with my new puzzle...
people play guitar hero, wii etc..and me...old school puzzle

Thursday, October 30, 2008

News on facebook

The other day I open my facebook where I see this message from an ex colleague of mine.
Here is the link:

Maria congratulations! Wish you a lot of luck and hope you will be not a nasty boss:P

A secret I will reveal

If you happen to live in Brno, Prague or Ostrava and you like to shop with a 20%discount, here is a deal.
Register on the following link :
and you will receive an invitation for an Elle VIP Evening at Mango store, where they will offer you 20% off + a free cleansing water and t-shirt for every purchase you make!
Invitation is valid for two and the event in Brno will be taking place on the 6th of November. See you there for some free Baileys :P

Inspired by a comment

Actually the time I wrote about me appearing in public , oh how it only sounds, and everybody asking me where Martin is happened something else too.

We were sitting at the table enjoying our drinks when a friend of mine asked me if I am
by any chance pregnant...I looked at him weird and so he started he heard a friend of him telling him that a Bulgarian girl,who's together with a Czech is pregnant..and they thought of course it could be me. The first thing I had in mind was 'damn, did I gain this much weight so I look pregnant' and the other thing was 'as if I am the only one here dating a Czech, after all we are in Czech republic, aren't we';)

Well this might seem as half of the story. Actually there is a bit more left...
I almost forgot this funny thing when the flatmate of the guy in question comes to me for a little chat and starts the same thing all over again 'you are not pregnant, right'?

Did this happen to you as well? We call that in Bulgarian 'broken phone game'. May you excuse my poor translation. It reminded me somehow of that ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shopping in Barcelona

As I mentioned few posts earlier I spent the weekend in Barcelona. And since it was me and a colleague of mine (2 girls,hurray) we spent some time in the stores.

A small shopping tip from me would be El Cort Ingles on Placa Catalunya.

There I bought these gorgeous sweaters. I got the one in grey for 20 euro and the green one for 25...80%wool, 20% poliamide.

funny talks 2

Conversation between me and Martin :

Martin: my clit hanged
me: hahah
Martin: have to use touchpad
:( pfffff

I am sure you already understood he meant the clit on the notebook:P

funny talks

Talk between me and a colleage :

Me: Brno?
Him: Yes, playing the Al Bundy game.
Me: what's that?
Him: Work, get married, make kids, plant a tree and build a house.

So which level have u reached in your Al Bundy game? I believe I am still playing the demo version called 'moving out with your partner'...

Monday, October 27, 2008

you want to ask me sth?

Now is the moment to do so!
Put your question as a comment and I will answer.

btw it's quite daring of me since I don't believe there are any readers at all...but why not give it a try
;) nose

So here I sit at work now with a cold, not the worse one ever but still :(

If you wanna see some of the pictures from Barcelona click here:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

High hopes

The grass was greener

The light was brighter

With friends surrounded

The night of wonder


Never let down your high hopes:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

weekend in Barcelona


the trip was exhausting. We travelled from Brno to Bratislava by bus, then public transport to the airport, flight to Gerona, bus to Barcelona...Oh well...that's the disadvantage to live in a small city. You have to catch the flight from another city.

Barcelona was great, amazing, wonderful and I never was so impressed.
The weather was amazing. I couldn't enjoy the nice weather it was so unbelievable...Hot hot weather in October. The other thing is the people, they are smiling at you...Oh, oh
So we just had landed and we wanted to exchange some money on the airport in Bratislava so we would be able to buy tickets for the public transport. The woman was shouting at us ...crazy, was the first time I could really see the difference in the peoples behaviour. Why why why are people behaving like shit with no particular reason.
Anyway, the hostel we stayed at in Barcelona is a good one. Urbany hostel. Several stations to the city centre and the service is great. You get to use also a swimming pool, have you ever heard that:P
Anyhow, the weekend was emotianally charged to the maximum and I am in love.
I think I should move there...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So tonight while being at work me and my colleage decided to travel somewhere since now with our new shiftplan we have 4 days 12 hour shifts and then 4 days off...
Destination will be Barcelona. Stay will be for 2,3 days...but still exciting
Now I have to plan all the trip:))

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I don't know how to say it me and Martin moved out together. Actually is still a bit crazy coz we need to buy some stuff ( I want to have a magazine box next to the sofa for example), besides some of the stuff is still unpacked and will take I guess some time til we finally settle down and get used to the new flat.
Anyway, what I was thinking about is that once you live with someone you have to compromise on the way how to furnish and decorate the flat. For example I like more simple decoration. Our flat is not big and I think that too many things around would make it look even smaller and the point is just the opposite:)
The thing is that Martin has several paintings and I am not sure they will look good. I don't want to tell him that I wouldn't like to have the paintings there , on the other hand I don't want to restrict him coz is his place also.
Oh well...I'll find a way:)

Go away banana boxes

I am sick of the banana boxes:)
I want to finally have our flat as it should be. Maybe now on thursday we'll go to buy some table for the tv and all the other 'boxes' ...don't know even their names.
And on the weekend we should buy the TV and some iron..
Actually the other day we were planning what TV to buy and so on when we realized that none of us has an iron...we were both ironing with the flatmates' irons...
well big plans:D

Pizza Taxi, La strada (@ Brno) sucks

Та вчера на работа решихме с колегите да си поръчаме храна. Поръчахме две пици и два пъти спагети. Пристига поръчката, но бяха само спагетите. Оказа се, че се е получило объркване и след малко донесоха и пиците. Моята си я бях избрала със сушени домати, които бяха заплатени допълнително, но естествено те липсваха....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Нова къща нов късмет

От няколко дена се подвизавам в новия апартамент.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Instead of being stitched they are glued!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Moving out

I am moving to a new flat during September. Today we were at the flat to check out the furniture and to agree on when to take the keys. Washing machine we would need and as a whole will be quite tiring but I am sure it will be worth it all the efforts:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I just watched the movie 'Taken'. It's about women traffic.
If you want to read more check the imdb.

It's a good movie sending the message to young travelers not to be too naive because it might end up bad.

In this thoughts I wanted to share that staying at hostels make me feel like staying at a whorehouse.
Maybe I am getting old but come on trying to stuff your holes (vice verse) can not be your priority. No way!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today something weird happened...

I got waken up by Martin who asked me several times 'what's up'.
I woke up and realized the bad dream I was dreaming, remembered that I was crying in my dream, touched my face and felt tears.
After that I fell asleep but all day this weird feeling is haunting me.
Now I remember that on several occasions I have been trying to figure out wether if you cry in your dream this means that you cry in reality too ?
Today I answered my question and I am hm...bothered a bit.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Naked rats!

My favourite thing on the night shifts is to send some stupid picture via chat to my colleage and watch his disgusted face.
The latest I found out was pictures of naked rats.

Here you go:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bday boy

Tomorrow Martin has birthday :)

X Files

Well, I didn't watch the movie yet.

The accent is on 'x'.

So yesterday I finally met with the ex girlfriend. I have seen her once before when she decided to invade our vacation. Back then we didn't speak much and of course why would we?
She was the evil one who appeared on our vacation in the last moment where it was too late to cancel etc...and by the way even though I sometimes dream about escaping certain situations by just disappearing I think there is also some beauty in the moments where you let the people know that yeah, you are stubborn and you don't care too much about them.
Anyway even now when I hear the word ex all what comes to my mind is the spiderweb on photo albums and this unpleasant smell of something which was for too long in the basement.
Basically I think about something which was in the past and which belongs there.
Can't be revived the same as a dead body.
Every attempt to stay friends with the ex should be considered a bit suspicious.

So about yesterday...
It was a bit awkward. I suppose not many people go out with the ex of their boyfriends.
Anyway it turned into a not bad chat accompanied by beers and sun. Result of it was me being drunk at an unusual hour, followed by a horrible headache.

The only conclusion I reached from yesterday is that everyone has his/her way to look at things and it can differ a lot.
And maybe that facing your fear causes you at first a frequent pulse but then gives you peace.

Welcome Alexandra;)

Today my friend started her blog. You can find the address among the blogs I read, on the right:)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Some girls don't realize that once they are the ex they belong to the past, written in bold and underlined. In my opinion once you stop fucking someone you loose all the benefits of him helping you with your computer etc. Some girls don't realize that and even though they are not together with someone try to use the benefits of the 'good old times' when they were a couple and it was normal that they help each other etc. Some people are just too narrow minded. Don't know if it has to do with background or with lack of any brain activity besides getting drunk and getting laid. Horray.

Since I wanted to write about trying an experiment I decided to mention also the ex part . It belongs to the past .

About the experiment...yesterday I got pissed off. I have noticed that being stubborn is what can cause a lot of trouble. So I try not to be very stubborn but sometimes it's impossible. Even though I got pissed off I decided not to say anything just showed with behaviour, which of course was ignored for one or another reason. Alcohol might numb peoples perception...
So after some time I noticed that I can live without attracting Martins attention about this. Something like count till 10 until you calm down and then do's what grandma alwasy use to say that you raise your tolerance and might end up ignoring your feelings and thoughts just not to cause a fight.
Anyhow I am going to try to keep my patience and see how it works and if it's worth it.
After some reconsidering I will make up my mind.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Come back of Martin

Today when I finish work I will head to the main station to meet Martin who will be returning from Spain, Portugal etc... Can't wait.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Мартин е командировка в Испания и Португалия. Днес до 10ч успяхме да се чуем два пъти. Сутринта си мислех, че ще изпусне рейса до летището, тъй като оставя всичко до последната минута. Аз обаче обичам да съм на време, по-точно да съм по-рано.
Така де, дали от настинката (от днес пия антибиотици) или пък съм пред цикъл вчера бях много емоционална. Плаках на филма П.С. Обичам те. После се присещах как Мартин няма да го има цяла седмица. Ей това е драматично не е ли?
Знам, че е дебилно да се тръшка човек за това, но някак се върнах във времето когато бях малка и баща ми замина за командировка. За да не се тръшкам толкова много родителите ми бяха казали, че ще ходи само до Пловдив, а той беше до Сирия. В деня който трябваше да се върне аз го чаках с голямо нетърпение. Опитвах се да стоя будна с помоща на щипки за пране. Ще да съм била малка:)
Подарък, който ми донесе беше часовник Casio, който по едно време незнайно защо остана без каишки :)


Ако се чудите дали само позирам на снимката или наистина тествам неспособността си да се ориентирам по карта....второто:)
Виждат се и очилата ми (придобивката от ebay) :)


Ей тук малко не добре структурирани препоръки .

1.Хостел Antique
Двойна стая е 50 евро на човек или по 25 на калпак. Първата нощ се плаща по интернет, а остатъка на пристигане. Стаята беше с баня и тоалетна, а в цената е включена закуска от 8.30 до 11:00. На терата вечер има бар, където човек може да пие бира за лека нощ, да пуши наргиле и да гледа морето. Не на последно място, ако пристигате в доста късен час, техният пикъп сървиз е на разположение.
2. Ако ще останете около една седмица е добра идея да си вземете акбил. Това е един пластмасов жетон и стига да е зареден може да се возите на всичко от кораб до метро. Срещу 6 лири го получавате и си го зареждате за колкото пари пожелаете. Единичният билет е към лира и нещо. За морските транспорти и по-специално за 'sea bus' е повече. Но като цяло е по-евтино. На тръгване се връща и хоп разполагате със спестене 6 лири.
3. Султан Ахмет е туристическата зона на Истанбул. Там се намират не малко забележителности, а именно Топ Капъ, Хагия София,Синята джамия Гюлхане, Базилика Цистерн, археологическия музей и т.н.
Стига да се доберете до Султан Ахмет, гореизброениете са на един подскок от вас.
Да предположим, че и вие сте отседнали в Султан Ахмет. Първо разглеждате всичко що е наблизо. После набирата смелост и решавате да се разходите не само сред сувенирните сергийки. От Султан Ахмет тръгва трамвай, който ви води първо до Eminonu. От там може да се качите на корабче с цел обиколка по Босфора. Следващата е Karakoy. Трамваят спира на самия мост Галата. Под моста има много заведения за по бира, риба, каквото дойде, а на самия мост са накацали неуморими рибари, които ловят до късни часове. От моста Галата може да стигнете и кулага Галата. Може да хванете и метро за 1 спирка до Истиклял Джадеси. Истиклял джадеси е булеварда, който се спука от Таксим и е пълно с хора. По средата му минава трамваи.
След още няколко спирки е и Kabatas. Това е последната спирка на трамвая. От тук с метро за една спирка може да стигнете до самият площад Таксим. Може и да се качите я на кораб я на сий бъс и да се озовете на принцовите острови или само на другия бряг, за да може да казвате как сте били в Азия!
Сий бъс е за предпочитане. Това са доста бързо кораби, които за има няма 30 минути ви докарват до целта. Билетите са им малко по-скъпи ( 4 лири примерно), но всяко нещо си има цена. С обикновеният кораб час, час и половина не ви мърдат.
Ако искате да стигнете само до Азия то тогава трябва да потърсите пристанище на което да пише я Uskudar я Kadikoy.
4.Пресметнах колко пари са отишли за входове по разни забележителности и се оказа, че към 80 лири. Курсът средно е евро за 2 лири. На повечето места вход си осигурявате за 10 лири само при Топ Капъ и Долма Бахче е два пъти по толкова, защото има не само административна част на музея, но и харем. Дори аз бях изненадана да разбера, че харемът е дома на султата, а и на жените му де. Явно ще да съм бляла сериозно 4 години по време на тюркологията.
Бях споменала по-горе за Миния Тюрк. Там стигането е малко адреналин, но защо не. От Таксим се хваща метро за 2 спирки посока Шишли. Изходът през който точно трябва да изпълзите ми излезна от главата, но се минава покрай един мол (оу йе). Горе мяза на мини автогара. Добирате се то автобуст 49 ли беше...и заговаряте шофера. Трябва да се слезна на Полигон ама там май спирка няма та добре, че са така учтиви след дълго препускане ще получите знак да се изнижете бърже бърже. След това следват към 20 минути вървене покрай един парк, едни строежи и евентуално сте там:) Единственият недостатък е ,че в този парк няма грам сянка. Седите под слънцето и ви се иска да видите всичко за 10 минути инък аха да припаднете под жаркото слънце, но пък си заслужава. То не е макет на босфорския мост, то не е чудо:)
5. Внимавайте с движението и с прекаленно приятелски настроениете хора. И предишният път попаднахме на човек, който почиства обувките. Почва да разказва какво що, после проси я пари я цигари, а за благодарност ти лъска маратонките. Преди години резултата беше морки крака. Тази година се спасих. Резултатът беше -1 цигара.
За пресичането...ако сте двойка може би е разумно да спрете да се държите за ръцете все едно сте залепени със супер глу и да се спасявате. Бързината е от значение. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The privilege of being sick

So not only that you have to stay home and hardly can read coz your brain is liquid but at the end you will even get paid less. Not to mention the discomfort you cause your coworkers who have to cover your shifts.
That's a pain in the ass. Big time.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Завърнах се:)

Както бях писала ни очакваше пътуване до Истанбул. Билетите бяха отдавна закупени, резервацията за хостела беше налична. На 13ти след уморителна , поради ставането към 5 и нещо, първа смяна се запътихме към влака. Озовахме се на гарата по-рано, тъй като бяхме предвидили да имаме време да мина през пощата, която е до гарата да взема едно писмо и да си вземем храна за пътуването до Братислава. Да бъдеш по-рано е за предпочитане. Имаш време да се подмотваш и да скучаеш, а и си спестяваш нервите, които те съпътстват ако успееш да стигнеш на косъм. Ами ако изпуснем влака, ще изпуснем и самолета и тогава никаква почивка. Първата отсечка от пътуване Бърно-Братислава-Истанбул беше осъществена. В Братислава се сдобихме с билети за рейса до летището. Нещо задължително, за да избегнеш глобата от 30 евро. След порядъчно чакане се качихме на самолета. Поръчахме си бира, която аз не изпих, тъй като заспах. Събудих се точно на време преди кацането, за да мога да се насладя на гледката, а именно нощен Истанбул.
Минахме паспортният контрол, където мен ми се опънаха нервите малко поради това, че ми разглеждаха паспорта доста обстойно. А той нали е нов, може би заради това предизвиква внимание. Прибрахме си и багажа и излезнахме да чакаме човека, който трябваше да ни чака с табелка с нашите имена. Такъв човек обаче нямаше. Междувременно един младеж на добър английски ни каза, че имат маршрутка до Султан Ахмет,където ни беше хостела. Решихме да изпушим една цигара и да дочакаме обещания ни сървис. Излизайки навън ни поздрави дългокос младеж. Оказа се, че тамън бил натоварил двама в колата и се приготвял да тръгва, когато се сетил, че трябва да чака още хора... :) След известно пътуване с кола стигнахме до хостела. Летището на което кацнахме беше на около 60 км, но това е цената за евтиния билет от Sky Europe, който поради датите, които бяхме избрали не беше чак толкоз евтин.
Хостелът се оказа същия в който бях прекарала една нощ преди 2,3 години. Мислех си, че може да съм се объркала, тъй като ми излизаха хотел и хостел със същото име. Бяхме настанени и в същата стая, в която бях спала преди няколко години;)
Легнахме към 3 и нещо през ноща. Сутринта се излюпихме за закуска, която беше на терасата с гледка към морето. Времето, въпреки прогнозата да е дъждовно, беше през всичките дни прекрасно. Първият ден успяхме да посетим Топкапъ, минахме през Гюлхане, кулата Галата и стигнахме до Таксим. Междувременно седяхме под Галата моста, където опитахме калмари и балък екмек. На Таксим последва хаотично моткане, а след това се запътихме да търсим пътя към дома и нещо за вечеря. Честно казано ми се губи кой ден какво успяхме да видим и т.н., но крайният резултат е : посетихме Долба Бахче, Миния Тюрк (парк с макети на забележителности от цяла Турция), най-голямата джамия в Истанбул - Сюлеймание, където се прежалих да вляза. Не ми е за пръв път да влизам в джамния, но пак изпитах неприязън. Да поясна същото изпитвам и като влизам в църка. Може би е породено от факта, че не съм религиозна и се чувствам неудобно от молещите се вътре хора. Бяхме два пъти на Принцовите острови. Веднъж на най-голямият от тях - Buyuk Ada, където предвижването беше само с помоща на колела. Та наехме колела и като се почнаха едни хълмове за изкачване лошо да ти стане. Добре, че скоро открихме плажа, където водата беше супер бистра и пълна с медузи. Мен ми стана малко неприятно от тях, но следвъщия път когато бяхме на плаж на другия от Принцовите остро - Kinaliadi даже пипнах една :) Успяхме да се разходим и по азиатската част на Истанбул, където имахме премеждия с градския транспорт и маршрутки подобно на пътуването до Миния Тюрк парка. Слава богу хората там са повече от учтиви и помагаха да не се изгубим:)
Успях и да си тренирам турския и да осъзная как за 4 години в университета трябва да знам много повече, но...както се казва осъзнаването на проблема е първата крачка към разрешаването му :) По този повод си купих Истанбул и Черна книга на Охран Памук. Говоренето на турски в повечето случаи беше излишно, тъй като докато се опитвах да скалъпя въпроса ми отговаряха на пример кога е последния трамвай и т.н. , но при питането за посока на по-стари хора или служители на градския транспорт помагаше. Успяхме да видим и желязната църква, която не беше кой знае какво. В книжката, която си купихме беше написано, че причината да е от метал е, че султана бил разрешил построяването на църквата само ако отнеме не повече от месец и за това я били сглобили с готови плоскости и части, донесени от Виена. Аз пък знаех, че е горяна много пъти и за да бъде сложено край на това е била построена от желязо. Ах как се разминават народните легенди от фактите:)
Видях моята така любима Kiz kulesi (maiden tower), някъде прочетох, че е символа на Истанбул. Направихме и тур по Босфора, където вместо обявените 20 лири на човек ни взеха толкоз за двамата:) Всичко беше прекрасно. Самият факт, че не беше само обикаляне на забележителности ами чилване на плажа допринесе приятно разнообразия. На последният ден отидохме на плажа, където поради голяма простотия, а именно ('бе то не е толкоз топло, даже леко и ветровито, я дай да ме напече, за да вляза във водата' ) неизползването на крем успяхме да изгорим като раци. За спомен си имам отпечатък от ръката на Мартин на гърба. По-късно на път за вкъщи ми призля в трамвая. Почнаха да ми бучат ушите и ми се додрайфа. Не ми се беше случвало от няколко години.
Вечерта стягахме багаж и се мазахме с Пантенол. На излизане от Турция, паспорта ми пак предизвика интерес. Този път ме накара да си напиша 3те имена на кирилица. Що за тест? Пътуването беше изморително, а най- гадното беше,че пристигнахме в 10 сутринта в Бърно, а аз от 14:00 бях на работа. От прекомерна умора и може би бруталното изгаряне пък във вторник почна гърлобол и сега седя в къщи с болничен. Ако не друго поне след като се върнахме се започна:)
Още ме мързи да качвам снимки, но смятам да е скоро. А къде да ги намерите? и бързо преди да го затрият и него;)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Upcoming trip preparation

Things to do before leaving:

-go get my repaired camera. was there on friday but turned out that I was an hour earlier or something.after half a year I gave it to repairment...will cost quite a lot but still less than a new one.

- waxing

-buy train tickets to Bratislava

-get a map of Istanbul

-buy some Turkish Lira so we would be prepared

and last but not least to pack!

have already done the list so I believe it will be easy and fast.
Today after work have to run home to shower, do some preparation coz tonight we hitting some steak house :D
all for now.
Let the counting begin

Friday, May 30, 2008


Lately it's quite chaotic in my head.
Why that? Well trying to listen to peoples advice, trying to evaluate the situation, not being sure.
I think I got myself into this situation by thinking about the future too much and not enjoying the present.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Was at the movies

This time to watch Indiana Jones. And it was great. I loved it!
I think it was a cool combination of funny stunts, action moments etc.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nothing special

Boredom as usual. I was wondering these days how come I spend my time on miserable thoughts instead of enjoying the moments. Wish I could stop thinking about the future all the time but be able to enjoy what's happening to me now and here!
Anyway I did some shopping today. Quite satisfied I am. Viva la sales!
I still didn't find the brown shoes I am searching for but I suppose it will happen soon.
Don't feel too much as writing either. Ah well...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


The other day we went to Morcheebas concert.
Funny thing is that they changed the location of the concert. Luckily I had bought a ticket online so they were nice enough to inform me about that.
The concert was nice. First there were the disappointments about the new singer etc...But at the end everything sounded right.
The new singer is a cute lady, called Manda coming from Paris.
So after the concert we were drinking our beers when suddenly the singer came to buy cigarettes. I believe they are doing good to the voice :) Martin showed up and I was pointing to the girl and saying 'Morcheeba live' and yeah he got the marvelous idea to get autographs. It was fun :D
Then I started wondering if I can sell it to which Martin replied that now we have to kill her so there will be any benefit:)
Guys..this with the killing part was a joke.
I liked the concert quite a lot...I wish they would have sang about love and fear etc but oh well
u can't have it all.
After that we stayed in the club for a while more but the music turned into some awfull latino and even though I was a little tipsy I couldn't dance on it so we went for a doner and then walked home.
Hey in the Czech republic if you are married or a couple you need to kiss under a cherry tree. That way the girl/wife will stay healthy and beautiful through the year.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring time

I didn't hear of me in a long long long time I should admit. Truth is I was lazy.
Anyhow not much has happened in the meantime.
In June me and Martin are going to Istanbul. Hostel is booked, tickets are bought... :D
And I am excited:)
Today I went to the hairdresser. So now I have summer hair.
Did some online shopping from
Best prices ever... especially now that there is some sale. For around 100 euro I managed to get 2 pairs of trousers, 1 skirt, several shirts and 2 cardigans:) what a good deal:)
Now waiting for the package to arrive...some real excitement:D
Ah finally desperate housewives are out. But after waiting for so long I kind of lost my interest.
Their fault for keeping us wait so long.
All for now. Will try to study a little...Fifo,lifo...gosh!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New things recently

I am going to Morcheeba's concert in Brno, will be visiting Istanbul in June and going home in September.
Hm, even started studying, passed only the first chapter from a book but seems understandable.
Am afraid of the rest but hopefully for 5 months I will manage.
Well, well getting back to reality and going to take tram to work. Blah. Another 7 days of work...
See ya

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ill never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting me
Ive got my pride and I know how to hide
All my sorrow and pain
Ill do my crying in the rain

If I wait for stormy skies
You wont know the rain from the tears in my eyes
Youll never know that I still love you so
Though the heartaches remain
Ill do my crying in the rain

Raindrops falling from heaven
Could never take away my misery
But since were not together
I pray for stormy weather
To hide these tears I hope youll never see

Someday when my cryings done
Im gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun
I may be a fool
But till then, darling, youll never see me complain
Ill do my crying in the rain

Ill do my crying in the rain
Ill do my crying in the rain
Ill do my crying in the rain


Finally I bought a Swiss ball. Today I had back pain so I decided for a change to put the notebook on the table and check out the magic of the Swiss ball. Mine is size 75 cm and yellow. It took more than half an hour to pump it coz we were using the pump for bicycles but now it is fun to bounce on the ball. Am still able to type without looking at the keyboard while bouncing. Haven't used it for exercises yet but hope I do so soon. Yesterday while talking to mother on skype having the cam turned on I managed to fall backwards...headset got plugged off least no damages to notebook:)
Bounce bounce :D

One day you get to meet your fear

And one day the moment comes when you have to meet your fear face to face.
So shall we pretend we are brave and fearless? Coz no matter how long you avoid something ...
I am still not sure how I ended up in this situation and it really pisses me off that it's something I couldn't avoid (stepping back will mean giving up or even showing my fear) neither control.
Oh well but I already lost my points due to my boyfriends stupidity. He already has revealed to her that I am jealous. How better can it get?
After all you can't force one to do anything. And this situation proves that the more you share, even with your sweetheart, the more closer the opportunity to get fisted comes.
So what's the conclusion? Be silent as a mouse and reveal as less as possible? This will make you mysterious and raise his interest? I should keep notes for the future coz u never know...
Anyhow I was looking forward to a calm and relaxed long weekend but now since she will be there I can say good bye to the idea of enjoying my time there.
Am a little worried about my behavior coz I was never in a situating like this but as people say there is a first time to everything. I just hope my face won't get fucked up by the nail polish remover.Blah.
I am confused :(


Акъла май ми е някъде другаде. Днес исках да си почистя лицето...търкайки се с памук усетих силно парене и задушаваща миризма и тогава се усетих, че съм натопила памука в лакочистител!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


I am sick to be challenged on a daily basis!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today I was visiting some friends with M and my flatmates. One of the hosts is a crazy ebay buyer:)
So he logged me in and he was showing me good one point I saw sunglasses...1 minute left till the end of the auction and I bid...and I now I am waiting for my sunglasses.Price is more than good. Sunglasses are aviator model and I am curious to see :)
Will write after I receive it;)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday I had one of the most weird dreams lately. Few words I will mention : bathtub sex with one of my parents friends while his wife and kids are in the flat. Not having a condom saved the situation. We were in Paris with a friend of mine and we got lost. I was trying to call her, she was looking for me as well. Coworker which was disliked by everyone. Something falling on the bed...thought it was a bug, turned out to be a rotten cherry?!?!
WTF and all this I remember now...16 hours after I woke up.
This morning M woke me up and I was telling about my dreams. Actually when I was woken up I was in the middle of something..can't recall right now.
Luckily I don't dream about falling from the corner of the room as I used to do when I was little...huh

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Party time

Today I finally received the invitation. Actually they were two. Now I am thinking who to give the other one to...
Was at the library today to give back one test and to take two other...
Weather is so nice but I doubt that spring will come so soon.
On Sunday we had a very active day. First we went ice skating...somehow I got some shoes which were squeezing me feet so after one hour i gave up. After that we went to play pool...actually I even managed to shoot the balls...until now never happened. But Martin was helping me a lot.
After that we played bowling where I almost won...almost...Actually I was the first one to have strike and I had all the chances to win but my last try somehow failed...whatever:)
So much for today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


they only want you when you are seventeen
when you are 21 your r no fun
they take a polorid and let u go
and say they let u know
so come on

Monday, February 18, 2008

True or False?

Is it true that a relationship can get screwed due to the fact that two people spend too much time together?

I think it's very possible that at one point you get bored till death.
But on the other hand spending time with someone u like, love, etc. shouldn't be boring to death experience.

So thinking about that I am a little lost. What should a couple do to retain the itch of wanting to have sex with the other person all the time, not feeling bored and so on.

Blah, the more I think the more I get lost.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sex and The City

I've been watching 'Sex and The City' for the last week.

I must say it is fun and eventually educative for the boyfriends.
Best part is how one can recognize himself in many of the situations like leaving stuff at your boyfriends' place or the fact that his ex always finds a way to appear somehow, etc.
But on the other hand ...
Knowing something annoys the other person really bad and still doing it (hurting him) or puking when u find the engagement ring...I would say it's too much.

Anyhow the writers strike is almost over so I will soon be able to relax from hearing all the time about sex and enjoy some 'married and lived happily ever after' time with desperate housewives:)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Kb,

you don't suck too much. It took u only a month to issue me a new card.
That's fast!
and yeah 2000 crowns to block the card is also cool!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sun is shining

Oh yeah,

sun is shining the weather is sweet
make you wanna move your dancing feet

weather is sooo nice today! I can't wait to finish work and go for a walk with the sunglasses on.
Hope sun won't disappear in the next 2 hours:)
Yesterday we made pizza at home. Flatmate was joking that we're like the italians ...coz he was eating pasta:)
The pizza we made was not only tasty looking but also tasty:)
thumbs up :D
Two days till I go home. Am a little worried about catching the plane. Let's hope everything will be fine.
Oh well, another hour and 10 minutes and then out in the sun;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not that anyone gives a fuck except me but...:)


lately I don't feel like blogging and sharing all my darkest secrets. Did I say sharing?
Hm, really doubt that anyone would put some effort into exploring my secrets but whatever:)
Doesn't make sense to you, right? Neither to me...
So couple of days ago I had bday. Now I am 23...7 years to go.
Have already the idea in my head that I should have managed a lot of stuff till the age of 30.
Until now nothing though. Hope it comes with time. The faster the better.
Most of all I would like to know what job I'd like to do and get once and for all rid of school.
On the other hand why not just have some stupid job and then try to catch up in the freetime.
Well well...
In a week I am heading home! Hope there won't be any bigger worries considering the crazy crazy weahter.
This time again I will have some exams. Today I managed to read 50 pages ...but there are like 450 more..huh. Don't know how it will work out with the exam dates coz...but whatever don't feel like stressing myself too much.
M, can't come up with anything else.