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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Kb,

you don't suck too much. It took u only a month to issue me a new card.
That's fast!
and yeah 2000 crowns to block the card is also cool!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sun is shining

Oh yeah,

sun is shining the weather is sweet
make you wanna move your dancing feet

weather is sooo nice today! I can't wait to finish work and go for a walk with the sunglasses on.
Hope sun won't disappear in the next 2 hours:)
Yesterday we made pizza at home. Flatmate was joking that we're like the italians ...coz he was eating pasta:)
The pizza we made was not only tasty looking but also tasty:)
thumbs up :D
Two days till I go home. Am a little worried about catching the plane. Let's hope everything will be fine.
Oh well, another hour and 10 minutes and then out in the sun;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not that anyone gives a fuck except me but...:)


lately I don't feel like blogging and sharing all my darkest secrets. Did I say sharing?
Hm, really doubt that anyone would put some effort into exploring my secrets but whatever:)
Doesn't make sense to you, right? Neither to me...
So couple of days ago I had bday. Now I am 23...7 years to go.
Have already the idea in my head that I should have managed a lot of stuff till the age of 30.
Until now nothing though. Hope it comes with time. The faster the better.
Most of all I would like to know what job I'd like to do and get once and for all rid of school.
On the other hand why not just have some stupid job and then try to catch up in the freetime.
Well well...
In a week I am heading home! Hope there won't be any bigger worries considering the crazy crazy weahter.
This time again I will have some exams. Today I managed to read 50 pages ...but there are like 450 more..huh. Don't know how it will work out with the exam dates coz...but whatever don't feel like stressing myself too much.
M, can't come up with anything else.