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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Offline or online?

The other day I went to Zezula to buy the snowboard. Oh well, they didn't have the boots in the size I needed. It turned out they didn't have the bindings either...
So I left a bit unhappy and disappointed coz it was a good deal...
Same evening we decided to go eat out at the place from which we usually order food, Zakki...all the tables were reserved...
The next days I was checking out the other stores but I couldn't find a good enough deal so at the end I ordered from zezulas e shop. What they didn't have offline they had online...or at least they charged my card already so I really hope they deliver what I paid for.
Yesterday I got the boots. From Mamut. The guy was really helpful and as a result I walked out of the store with 3000 less on my card and a new pair of snowboarding boots...
So now I have to buy new pants and I am totally ready for the season:)
Anyway my point was...Is it a better choice to shop online than offline?
From my experience it looks like online is cheaper and easier but you miss the feeling to walk out of the store with the stuff u bought;)
Btw when we were buying the TV it was a price difference between buying it offline and online of about 100 euro.Not too small to be ignored I would say.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This was a successfull vacation

Last weekend to make the experience (thermal baths) even more pleasant we treated ourselves with massage. So when the girl was talking to me in Slovak I asked her to speak in English. This made the guy who was going to massage Martin ask him where I am from etc. After he replied I was from Bulgaria the guy told him 'obviously you had a successful vacation'. Understood should be 'ah u went to vacation in Bulgaria and brought back a girl...' ;)

This will be mine!

Tomorrow first thing I will do after work is to run to that shop and finally buy that snowboard. Last year I tried snowboarding for the first time and I think it might be a lot of fun once I would learn how to snowboard. But the idea of spending time in the mountains during winter and staying in the sun is way too strong and makes me forget all the blue memories:;)

back again

Yeah, I know I was gone for some time.

Mango event was crazy. No, not meant in the good way. They were giving bonbons and baileys and everyone was suffering from the crazy 20% discount madness and the store was full and one had to wait for quite a long time. At the end we got top for free, last months edition from Elle and cleansing water and 20% discount on the thing we bought.

Weekend in Slovakia
Last friday me and Martin left to Slovakia. Destination was lower Tatry, Liptovsky Jan.
Maybe you wonder why we went there...Yeah there is no snow yet but soon there will be!!! We found a huge amount on Slovak crowns which needed to be spent so instead of exchanging it we decided to spend it. And yeah, I lied. We didn't find it but somehow received it:P
Anyhow, we went to thermal baths. They were 20 km from the place we were staying but it was okay. The room was a big surprise. We had a room for 2 in a hotel and besides the huge amount of loud! retired people and the fact that in the room were 2 separate beds instead of a big one, everything was fine. Price included breakfast and diner.
We arrived friday after a long ride. It's 300 km from Brno.
Then next day we went to the biggest cave in Slovakia. One hour underground. After that we finally went to the baths...It was great. The fact that u can be in your bathing suit on that weather was funny a lot. More funny was how we were running from pool to pool and freezing cause after all outside was 12 degrees and we were wet. But once we got into the 38 degrees water all was fine.
After we got tired from the baths outside we went to the inner pool and the slide:)
Ah well. Warmly recommend thermal baths during winter. Amazing experience.
The place we were at is called Besenova Thermal park . Next to it is also Tatralandia but we satisfied ourselves only with the 1st one.

On the way back we stopped in Trencin. It has the biggest castle I have ever seen. It was on a hill, so many stairs had to be climbed and it was so huge...
Tried some traditional slovak food haluski...ah well:D I think rebra, zebra is much better:P
While we were sitting in the pub and eating some kids came inside and started ordering ice cram and french fries. I think when I was their age I never was in a pub. Oh how old I only sound:;)
They took out some wallet and started counting money. Funny thing was that they had more than I had myself:) Their parents might have been way too desperate for spending some quality time to let the kids out with all these money:))

Ah well I know it sounds chaotic but I guess you get my mood:) Somehow excited, full of energy and glad!
Hope you feel the same and...weekend is only 2 days away...Oh yeah;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So today is St.Martin and of course Martin has names day. So I was thinking to surprise him with something and at the end I bought us tickets to Shaolin show which was yesterday in Brno.
It was fun but even a bit scary at moments. They were aiming at balloons through glass..and the balloon went kaboom!..through the glass. I didn't understand too much since it was in Czech the talking but it turned out that the CHI energy is super important. They were lying on big knives, breaking sticks in their heads, hands, legs.
There were also some Indians showing martial arts and fighting with some 'snake' swords, which were quite long. It was interesting to see they have different fighting styles, etc.

One note about the stupid audience. Since it was a bigger event with more people I decided it's better to be a bit earlier there. The show started and the people were still coming in. I think 20 minutes after the official start everybody was able to take their places which annoyed me a lot but...maybe people are busy a lot these days and can't make it on time. Fckers:D

Ah and the other thing which hit me is that if a Shaolin munch decides to try some break dancing..they will rock. They were moving with such an ease...

New job

I am starting a new job as of tomorrow. I am a bit excited.
Company is still the same. I will be changing only departments but still.
Actually I was supposed to start on the 3rd of November but I got sick so I stayed for a week home.
Huh, tomorrow I am going for the last time to the doctor to end my sick leave and then off to work:)
Today I was at the doctor again...they took blood.

Wish me good luck :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Facebook - worse than gossip girl

Somehow I start to dislike facebook. People are so eager to upload pictures and to write new statuses so u don't feel the need to talk to them coz u already know everything.

Wonderful hair mask

Since I am sick and staying home I have a lot of time to do the puzzle, wash the dished or even do a hair mask:)
Here is what I tried yesterday and yeah it made the hair look shiny and feel super soft.
Clay aka хума , some honey, some vinegar and one egg. I stayed with it for 30 minutes and then washed my hair with shampoo.
In case you try it or know other ways to use the clay please let me know.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Panda on a bamboo ;-)


Don't tell me you haven't heard about it yet? Come on.

I first found out about Spidersport in a newspaper. Contacted Galya and started traning with Milko. This three months I would never forget since they expanded my knowledge a lot, changed they way I felt and much more. Suddenly I became strong (carrying 40 kg was not a big effort), full of energy and coped with my bad mood while lifting weights. I would never forget how I failed my final exam in university for which I had taken one month off work and then went to the nearest gym with my white leather hand gloves lifted some weights and felt good.
Oh well...unfortunately I managed to screw everything up, which is my bad.

Anyway I just wanted to share with your their blogs (on the right under 'things I read') and their useful site.
And in case you want to learn some more about your own body and how to feel better...that's the place.


I asked u in one of the previous posts to ask me questions.

Q1: Zazie asked me when we're gonna have a beer or two:P
A : No plans to go home until the end of the year;:)

Q2: Someone who reads me since some time and no questions yet...
A: Take your time.

Oh well...I had to embarrass myself. If I was so brave to put questions:)

Shopping in Vienna

Last Thursday me and a friend decided to go to Vienna for some shopping.
We had around 5 hours which were not enough.We managed to walk around Stephans Dome..

I came home with a black leather bag. I repeat leather. Here is a detail of it:

And the whole picture especially for Zazie:)

Also with a black coat. Pay attention to the collar:

One V neck cotton sweater from H&M for 10 euro in blue and one black 100% acrylic cardigan from H&M for 15 euro.
I must say I am total freak when it comes to buying clothes.What I am doing is to always check the label and see what material a piece of clothing is made of.
I try to buy only clothes from cotton or wool and try to avoid acrylic etc but maybe this was the best cardigan I could find that looked normal and was price wise okay. Actually I wanted really bad to buy a dark blue cardigan with golden buttons...but I didn't find one.
Maybe I should check some second hand...:D

Let me introduce to you...

That's my new companion when taking baths. Not only is he cute but he is able to blink in red and blue and yellow. Check it out yourselves!