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Monday, November 30, 2009

I can't open zamunda. Help!

For F*cks sake...

one day left

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Whole Sunday I didn't leave the house.
The only fresh air I was breathing while staying on the window :D

Our weekend plan was supposed to be to go ti Vienna and then on Sunday Martin to have studied for his exam and me to prepare for the education next week but...turned out in a lazy Saturday and even more lazy Sunday.

Friday night we were on the Xmas market on the square. Managed to stain my jeans with greasy bramborak... saturday we went to the xmas market again, then had beers.

This week I am doing an education. Starting wednesday till friday, 5 hours a day...,ITIL v3 here we come
so far I didn't freak out but I bet on tuesday evening I might faint;)
Whoever is reading, please keep your fingers crossed for moi!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Skyeurope,

I would like to thank you for giving back my 4000 crowns. Actually they weren't even mine but my boyfriends but he spend them on ticket to Sofia and back for me so eventually I would have had to give them to him in case you didn't.


and...flyniki....where are u?:P

Monday, November 23, 2009

I hate it

someone stealing me and my colleagues nut:D

no, I am not a squirrel but there are some kind of people who as the vampires feed off peoples results and actions and then all they can to is only brag and play cool.
I feel used and abuses...
thing is that if it's someone higher than you in the hierarchy you can't do much coz so and so you will end up bleh

Sunday, November 22, 2009

did u know that?

mango has an online outlet?

they ship to Bg as well:D

Ordered things

Ordered this things today.
In 12 days will see.
Check this out

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last summer pics

Last summer me and Martin were in Istanbul for a week.
I love Istanbul!

Here are three pics which remind me of the good summer time :

Mission completed

The flat is clean, soon I will change the sheets, my pancake cake is ready, I am showered, shaved :PP I need to dry my hair and put body lotion and tadaaa ready I am;)

I would like to proudly share that I have survived 4 night of sleeping home alone, since sunday, without being scared and freaking out!
Only on the third night I started hearing sounds like leaking water etc but luckily I fell asleep very fast :D
For the days I have been alone I was at work always around 8...That's an achievement...

Going to finish of and wait for my presents from Martins vacation :D

My darling is coming home


if u want my future , forget my past!

Went out to play ping pong with winnie the pooh.
then we ate grilled vegetables and in the same place we had dinner there was some kind of teen we checked it out for a shoot b52 it waS?
almost made the bar burn coz i was afraid to drink while it was in flames and put it off but the flames spread on the bar...then we had a cuba libre....then another
danced like crazy and now i wish it was saturday tomorrow

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oh sh*t

Just saw on storstadspojken's blog that a women has found a shark in the toilet!! scroll down and you will see..

I would like to be able to pee, ****, in piece and not think that a snake will jump out while i am concentrated at the most....not even a shark.


u like?

new skateshoes

I was going to write kate shoes...I think a seed from paprika has fallen in my keyboard and I have to insist more when pressing.

I bought today new skate shoes. White and black, Vans.

I had promised myself to throw the old pairs , once I buy new but actually now that I think with the white pair I go biking sometimes...okay they are not comfy for walking but when you bike you don't walk do you?
And the green ones...they are pain in the ass but the colour is just great...
but they make my feet suffer...

ah well...

btw did you start with the xmas shopping already?

I don't know what to buy!!! any xmas gifts ideas will be appreciated.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home alone and yesterday's impressions

As I mentioned already yesterday I was in Vienna. After hitting the outlet we went to the city center for more shopping but unfortunately the stores were closing already...

I was in a shoe store hesitating to try Uggs when they told us they are closing. Damn:)

In addition to the good deal at Triumph I came home with a John Frieda 'volume' shampoo.

I tried the one for brown hair but my hair gets even greasier after using...
I just washed with the volume one, which was especially made for celebrities and models backstage..:P that's what it says on the back of the tube.

Not that I believe in this shit but still I bought it...

When we were leaving Vienna we passed next to Rathaus and I saw that there the Xmas market was already open and the trees were decorated.

Too bad we were in the car on our way back :(

But good thing to know that mid of November one can enjoy the great chritmas decoration in Vienna.

Ah, another lesson learned from yesterday... if you order a hot brownie at Burger King, order it with ice cream :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


If you happen to be in Vienna and have some more time make it to Parndorf.
There you will find a designer outlet..with over 100 brands. Okay now I am guessing but it was huuuge!

anyhow for 22 euro I got a bra from skinny and 4 pantie from triumph
I love it when it's cheap :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little people!

Here is the rest

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Това да не ви е сладур.ком бе еей!

Съобщение, което получих в Линк'д Ин...

Това да не ви е сладур.ком бе еей!

Съобщение, което получих в ЛинкИн...

Swine flu vaccination?

Check this out:

That's weird.

Oh what a night!

Was out with friends and it was goood:)

Wondering if I will manage all my plan for tomorrow e.g. go pick up the shoes , etc. etc.

Btw as of today I have a temporary residence permit. Horray!
One worry less:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

happy ending

me : 'Martin will u marry me if they want to deport me?'

M : 'But we don't live in the US'

me : 'but will u marry me if they want to deport me?'

M : 'of course I will ,be'

This was the conversation between me and Martin on the way to the post.
Looking at it now I can't really tell if it was a happy ending or not but the mail
I got was to inform me that I need to pick up my temporary permit within 5 days otherwise will be discarded.

Here is a link where u can test ur cz knowledge in case u decide to go for a permanent permit:

I got 27/30 right and I wonder can it be really that easy?
Come on... :)

And btw does someone happen to know what requirements one has to fullfil to obtain permanent residence permit? 5 years in cz rep. or 5 years of having temp. permit or ?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Will I be deported?

Half an hour ago me and Martin were coming home and doing the usual ritual of checking the mailbox.

This time there was a small paper with red stripe announcing I have something waiting for me in the post. I started jumping around coz I thought I finally had received my Thank you award (colleagues can award you and then you select the prize you want, so I am expecting a 8gb USB, one pen and one diary I think) was a paper from the police.

Today after 7 pm I can pick it up.
I don't really know what it can be but let's get surprised.

Will Martin finally marry me so I don't get deported?
Is there some nasty fine waiting for me for not updating my address registration?

I will see...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Did you know that...

Hulk Hogan applied for 'job' with Metallica and Rolling Stones?

He wanted to be their bassist but they never replied to him.
But he was willing to give up wrestling for that.

Oh no, don't tell me you don't know who Hulk Hogan is? Back in the beginning of the 90's we were gathering all this cards with famous and my brother :D

Swedish Lesson!

As some of you might know I speak Swedish. I have even 'Tisus' with which I can attend a Swedish University and study in Swedish. Okay, I took it like 7 years ago so maybe most of my knowledge has disappeared but what I meant to say is that the other day I found that a colleague of mine also speaks Swedish.

You can imagine my excitement as usually this language is not that popular.
She told me that she goes to Swedish lessons once a week with a Swedish teacher, where they discuss novels they have read.

So today I will be going there. Made appointment with my colleague but don't have her phone number so I hope she won't stand me up and I get the chance to speak.

Hej sa lange!