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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Was your Santa generous?

Mine was:) I got a cam, wallet, earrings, money, coffee maschine...yippiee.
Not that Christmas is about all the material things but if you see your loved ones enjoying their presents you will motivated to burn again money!:)))

Friday, December 16, 2011

All Christmas presents bought!

Today I got the last two presents and having said that I can proudly announce that I am done with all the Christmas presents! I will need to pack some of them tomorrow and the most funny thing will be how to transport one present which is in a see through bag,quite big...and is for Martin...moreover I asked him to come pick me up today after work so.. let's see maybe I succeed squeezing it in my backpack...:))))

Me tired...good that it is weekend

Schedule for today:
wake up at 7:40
doctor visit at 09:00...wanted to order a taxi but was told they don't have any in the neighborhood!!! I was forced to use bus...not that I mind but as I am new here I didn't want to be bothered with finding my way. Anyhow, succeeded.

gym at 11:00

work from 14:00...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas decoration

The other day when I was in Brno I couldn't not notice the beautiful Christmas decoration. There we pine tree cones and they looked great. So once I saw it I messaged my boyfriend straight away and asked him to bring some from his parents garden. Now I got a bag with cones and a golden and a silver spray! Two golden cones are currently drying on the balcony right now! And to make things better it turned out that among the "useless crap" Martin stores in the storage there is a glue gun! This years Christmas tree decoration will be hand made ;p Can't wait to start with that!!

Small trick against...

constipation. Ops, did it come out of nowhere? ;o) In any case flax seeds are a super good source of Omega 3 fats, I found out. A spoon in the yogurt flax seeds a day makes the constipation stay away. And they taste quite okay. I am just wondering as I have read on many sites that you need to grind them as otherwise you don't absorb the 'good stuff' ...what if you chew them super it the same?

New in the bathroom...

Hm, I guess I should have started much sooner with the facial care but better late than never. Anyway, now I am equipped with a hydration cream as well as one for the first wrinkles. I think besides the few on my forehead I don't have others. Maybe I have been making too many 'what the fuZk' faces or 'are you serious'...not sure.
I have been using those 2 creams for just 2 days and I picked up the brand as I have cleansing water from Avene so I thought it will be good combination. For the 2 days I am using the creams I can only express my satisfactions as my skin feels silky soft.

Avène Hydrance Optimale Légère

Avene Ystheal Emulsion

For the hands I am using Avene Cold Cream Handcreme

And last time as my hand cream is about to finish I went to the drug store and was offered bigger or smaller tube hand cream, I went for the big one and ended up with this one, which is a face and body cream for super dry skin. In fact I was wondering how come I leave greasy stains on the keyboard and desk after using it...don't have the same with the normal hand creame and finally I got to read the label more careful. Anyways here is the Avene Cold Creame

And last but not least I have the soap bars Avene Cold which I should use for my hands but need to look for them as after the move they are stuck somewhere. Somehow I find soap bars a bit unpractical because they get soft if they stay in a wet place and it is not so easy to keep them in one piece. Ah well

Hope you find this 'babbling' a tiny bit useful. I wonder how my skin will feel after another few days of using the cream. The anti wrinkle cream should be used only at night and should be used for continuous 3 months!

Telling a big fat lie makes a liar! Stamped!

I am not sure if I have mentioned this until now but I find it so entertaining to check the profiles of my ex-colleagues on websites like Most of the time though there is a worrying tendency that can be noticed. For me it is worrying because people not only exaggerate, assuming that exaggerating is in our human nature, but lie! I can see on so many profiles obvious lies that it makes me wonder when their last reality check was.
What happened with being honest? Are you embarrassed about your previous job? Do you think it is okay to lie about your years of experience? Oh wait, I thought you did the job for only half a year but your profile says you have experience in this area for the last 3 years! I believe that since you can lie on your LinkedIn profile then you have a thing for lies and maybe tell them now and then to save your ass or to look smarter ?
I am not sure why you got the need to do that but are the liar ( fyi urban dictionary definition for liar is the lowest of life) deal with it :)

Healthy times!

Gym membership √
Motivation √
Changing eating habits and eating healthier √
Persona trainer √

As you see from the list above I have all conditions to get back on track and start the new phase in my life of living healthy and loosing some weight. I decided to start training with personal trainer again. Last time I did it was 5,6 years ago. I did it for 3 months and then I thought I can do it on my own and I failed. Nevertheless, for the time I trained I had noticed positive changes e.g. I was full of energy, I became stronger, etc...Right now I don't remember the changes on my body as to % of body fat etc even though I was measured back then with a caliper.
But as said I failed to keep the habit of going 3 times a week to the gym.
Few years later, now, I have decided that I need someone to kick me in the ass and the only thing in my opinion which would work would be to start training with a personal trainer. I signed up for a period of six months. Actually quite some long time to ensure I will gain habits and keep them. I am training currently two times a week with my PT and I need to go at least once by myself to the gym. Good thing about my gym membership is that the gym I am going to also offers different classes like zumba, yoga, etc. and there is a 18 meter pool as well. I didn't try the pool yet but the thought of going in the pool after a sweaty and exhausting training is soooo tempting. I decided to start in December already which is a bit of a challenge with all the Christmas markets, Christmas parties and Christmas itself. This month my training is not so regular as I have been on a business trip for a week and I am going home for another nevertheless it is a start and I already can't wait for January to come!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

keeping a blog (diary) is genius!

You can go few years back and get surprised big time over the nonsense things you wrote. For me though it is useful, as I very often just forget things:)
I do think that my blog misses pictures. Not for the sake of showing you but I think it will go much better with the text. I would like to finally buy a new phone but I will wait till September because just before Christmas all the money needs to be spent on presents :)

Snowboard trip in Italy

The new year hasn't started yet and the schedule seems to be filling up :)
There will be a snowboard trip to Italy taking place in February in St.Valentin. I guess coz of the name we both share it will be mandatory for me to go. Maybe I get even a discount on the ski pass :) Can't wait to snowboard, hopefully will be enough snow by than!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The best snack ever!

Babybel is the best snack ever. It is small and packed well so you can carry it with you and save yourself from monster hunger.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brno tomorrow!

Tomorrow the plan is to go and hang out in Brno a bit, meet friends and just have a good time.

Xmas shopping

Getting more used to Prague. Today checked one mall in the city, did some Christmas shopping so few more things and I am done :)

Regarding the shoes...the next day after I bought them I ran after work home to try them and they seemed okay. The leather is amazingly soft. I guess they are worth the pricey price.
As I had mentioned in some of the last posts this week 2 Christmas parties took place. One was in Frankfurt in a five star hotel named Hessischer Hof. We had a four course menu and it was yummy yummy! This was on Wednesday, Thursday I came back from the business trip and Friday was another Christmas party in Prague this time. There was a Czech popular singer from the eighties , David Michal, who apparently majority of the people here hate, there we naked chicks dancing and transvestites performing...Interesting indeed. The theme was to dress as a star...I didn't dress up but oh well. Didn't win fro the raffle either. Anyway this was my first official night out in Prague, as I said I am getting used to the city ;p

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I bought a new pair of shoes...have two days to figure out if I need half size bigger or not. I have heard that people have swollen legs in the evening after walking all day but I think for me it is just the opposite. It happened once that I bought a pair of shoes in the evening, fitted okay and the next morning when I tried them on I couldn't squeeze my feet into them....let's see if history repeats itself.
Anyways here are my new ankle boots:

I needed something simple for everyday use but given the price I guess this pair will become for special occasions :D

Friday, December 2, 2011

There is nothing better than to spend a bit of time in the gym!

It gives one such an energy boost! Today I am working since 7 so I hardly can keep my eyes open. Last year I remember going to bed at 22 latest:) now that I sometimes have to work till late I am going to bed not sooner than midnight..and getting up at 6 was painful! Nevertheless, I get to start my weekend sooner :)
Monday will be another early waking up...have a flight at 7:20..hopefully the CSA pilots stop striking otherwise I will not get to meet my colleagues and go to the Xmas celebration :(