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Monday, December 2, 2013

Check this out and send a pic:)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eating healthy these days;)

This is a frittata for which I used 8 eggs, a pack of bacon and leak which I boiled a bit before. I put the leak first, poured the whisked eggs with bacon in them and baked it. Delicious!

Marinated neck pork in olive oil and garlic with cauliflower puree with butter. For the marinate I used a spoon of olive oil, few garlic gloves. Left it overnight and then baked it. The cauliflower puree I prepared by first boiling the cauliflower, than with the hand blender turning it into a puree.

Filled mushrooms with minced meat and lettuce salad with mustard as dressing. I pealed the mushrooms and put the mixed minced meat with eggs as filling. Baked it. Used bio mince.

Okay, that is the winner of the week, namely beetroot chips! I pealed the beetroot, used the peeler to cut it in thin slices. Melted 2 tea spoons if coconut oil, sprinkled it over the beet root slices, added a bit if salt and baked it. Super yummy!!!

Below are the filled mushrooms which I had pimped with a small slice if cheese:)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First time squash

Played squash for the first time today and I liked it;)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Designblok Prague 2013

Spend the weekend visiting thr Designblok. It was spread over three locations, one of which was a warehouse train station. I saw some interesting things, as you can see on the pics below

Friday, October 11, 2013

Prague Designblok

Okay, it is Friday night and I am staying in. Feels good though. I know that tomorrow I will not have a hangover and will be rested. I plan to go see an exhibition from the Designblok. Moreover there is some a snowboard event downtown which might be fun too. Looking forward to the weekend!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Is the cosmetic you are using save?

In case you wonder just download Tox Fox and scan your products. It is in german though.

Skin care

I recently bought Bi-Oil and I have been using it instead of night cream and for massaging my face. It is an oil used for scars, stretch marks, dry skin, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. I just use it to keep my skin hydrated and I like the product. I am not sure it can help remove a scar especially not mine which is third degree and regarding the stretch marks I suppose it could help only if used as preventive measure and not on already existing ones. Anyways you can buy it at DM.

No shopping!

Guys, I am so proud of myself:) I haven't bought a single piece of clothing or shoes since the beginning of August which makes 2 months for me. I am curious to try that till the end of the year. Will I succeed? I have enough pair of shoes and trousers and jeans and I don't really need new ones. Yea it is cool to buy new stuff but I think it is horrible to have a full wardrobe of clothes and to wear only small part of them. At the end the world should not revolve around shopping and new clothes:)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The best vacation ever part 3

We were still on Espalmador, getting to our yacht with the dinghy boat when we saw a red boat approaching ours. We thought this might be the people from the port trying to tell us we need to leave. The red boat appeared again this time with another boat. Our captain went fast to the boat to check what was up. Turned out that one of the girls was attacked by something called anemone and got an allergic reaction to it. Her leg was swollen and you could see where the tiny bastards had burned her. We were all a bit worried. Luckily she had asked the guy on the red boat if he knew what that is and she was told she just needs to get some medicine from the pharmacy. We were on our way back to La Savina from where the captain, the victim and her boyfriend went to look for a pharmacy. They returned with the cream and little by little her leg started to look normal again. But of course once the shit hits the fan it doesn't stop only there. We were sailing not suspecting a thing, when the captain decided it is time to park close to the port of St Antonio. He parked there, turned out that this was a gas station for bigger boats and we were supposed to leave. Unfortunately, it was way too windy and our yacht was being pushed by the wind. We tried pulling it with ropes etc but without success, we were still pushed to the wall. At last the captain and my friend decided it is time to call for help so they ran to the port. A bit later a guy on a motor boat came and managed to pull our yacht. There was again some adventure when we were parking. It was already dark at the time and the wind wasn't helping much. Each time we were parking, 3 times in total, I was amazed by the skills of the captain. This damn thing is 13 meters long and you have to take a lot of things in consideration, the wind,the inertia. So we were finally parked on the port of St. Antonio, a fancy port it turned out :) We attacked the showers and then we hit the city. We were determined to go to Cafe del Mar since it was only a kilometer away from where we were staying. On the way to Cafe del Mar we had dinner at a local restaurant. We tried Cava, the local champagne, we had tapas and it was delicious. After that we finally made it to Cafe del Mar. And for me personally it turned out a bit disappointing as I was counting with Cafe del Mar being a beach bar, where you could chill on the sand and watch the sun set. By the time we were there the sun was gone already and Cafe del Mar was already closed. Moreover Cafe del Mar was just a regular nice cafe and not a beach bar as I expect and at the time we were there, which was a bit after 12am it closed:) We sat in the bar next by, called Mambo. You could tell that the season was ending since there weren't many people. We got a good deal on cocktails, 2 for the price of 1, so we got a bit tipsy :) Some of us went back to the boat, others went for a walk in the city. This city was infested with British tourists, also majority of the people working in the bars was British as well. After walking a bit we went back to the boat, this was our last night. The next day, Friday, our journey back to Barcelona started. We tanked and we started sailing. This time, as opposed to our way there, the sea wasn't as calm and there were quite some waves. By now I was used to the fact that the boat doesn't stand straight but I have to admit that the moment we were again surrounded by only sea and there was no land in sight I was a bit scared. We were sailing and sailing, eating sunflower seeds...the night came. And as I mentioned sooner once the shit hits the fan...the captain realized that our lights, green and red, are not working. Well at least the big light on top of the boat was visible and working and I thought okay, sailing in the sea isn't as being on the road, eventually you see the boat coming your way and you have a lot of time to react. I also remember that the captain had mentioned that small boats don't have green and red lights. Well once you are in the middle of nowhere and you are stuck with whatever you got it is good to keep calm ;) By the way, before leaving I was afraid that being on the boat in the middle of nowhere I will panic. Luckily this didn't happen. Earlier this year I was in the mountains with my parents. We took the chair lift and at one point I looked down, the next thing I had to do was close my eyes because I was freaked out by the height. And I was always thinking that snowboarding makes me height resistant, probably it has to do with the snow covering the mountain, giving you the illusion of softness:) I went for a short nap but sometime around 5 am I was up again. I got rewarded by this beautiful sunrise Sometime in the morning the captain announced he is sleepy and he will take a nap. The yacht was on autopilot nevertheless I felt the responsibility to watch out for other boats. :)) So I can say I was the captain for roughly 20 minutes or so The night passed, Barcelona was already visible in the distance, we had only few hours left. The more closer we got to the shore the sadder I got. I didn't know what to expect of this trip. In fact, I only hoped for some sun and to be able to bathe in the sea, since this year I didn't get to go to the seaside. Those two requirements were meet on the 3rd day of the trip:) The moment we were parked for the last time and we went on land, man I was excited. Finally I felt save. I had the feeling that the moment we had reached our destination and we set foot on land the magic was gone, just like that. It must have been some time around 10 a.m. the whole crew was excited to have arrived save. We had some sangria, listened to some music, bothered the yacht next to us where some future captains were having a lesson. And this is how our 8 day trip on a yacht had come to an end. This was by now the most amazing vacation I ever had. The people on the boat were a good company and there was nobody way too annoying. We saw amazing places and we got to enjoy some nice weather and time with each other. I can only recommend to anyone to go on a sailing trip, although I am not sure you will have as an amazing time as I did. Imagine you have an annoying person on board. Oh wait, once you are in the open sea you can accidentally push him over board and solve the problem :) Joking of course! After we had gathered our luggage we took a taxi and headed to our hostel, where we were going to spend the night...tbc

The best vacation ever part 2

It was Monday morning and we had time till noon to explore Ibiza town. I went for a walk, peeking in different shops. The funny thing is that the weather over there is nothing like the one in Prague. You see people wearing sandals and gossamer clothes and suddenly you get the urge to buy the same but then the thought of snow and cold weather brings you back to reality:) I had breakfast at a cafe next to the port and then slowly it was time to leave again to our next destination, which was La Savina on the island of Formentera. Some time in the late afternoon we arrived. The rest rented bikes and went for a ride and I had the idea to go look for a longboard. It took some effort and even though I saw the guy working at the surf school have one, it seems they weren't renting. The funny thing when you travel with a yacht is that once you get used to the constant rocking of the boat you feel very awkward when being on land. Suddenly everything starts moving around you:) I went for a short walk, looked to rent a longboard and then just sat and enjoyed the sunset. I was all by myself, played some music and just enjoyed the view. Later we gathered at the yacht and me and few other people went to get some dinner. I was in a social butterfly mood so later in the evening I also made friends with a guy on the port who was working as skipper. It was hilarious since he didn't speak much English and I don't speak any Spanish. The next day, Tuesday, the rest of the crew decided to go biking. I passed on that again, the night before I had slipped and luckily managed to catch myself but my arm was in terrible pain so I decided to hang out on the boat and do the dishes, clean a bit etc. I went for a walk in the village, bought few things, took a shower! Oh yeah, treasure the comfort:) We all were gathered and we continued our trip. Our next destination turned out to be Raco de sa Pujada. It was in the middle of nowhere and water was turquoise. For some reason it was full with mosquitoes,probably coz of the rocks nearby. 5 meters depth and you can still see the sea bottom On Wednesday morning, our captain Cook, the girl who was in charge of the kitchen was preparing pancakes while the rest of us went for a swim and a dinghy boat ride. Towards the rocks the water was shallow. It was time again to set sail to our next destination namely Espalmador. This time we were staying on a buoy. Again we were close to the beach so after we were parked we swam to the beach. Espalmador turns out to be a private island and from there you can see the island of Formentera and if you are brave enough you can even walk to Formentera. In fact on Thursday morning this is what we did. We walked from Espalmador to Formentera. At one point we had to swim a bit. On the way back I got stung by a jellyfish, which was my first time experience. I am glad it was only a jellyfish and that it calmed itself soon. Now that I am back and I am checking the places we went to on the internet I saw that it is not recommended to walk from one island to the other because of the ocean currents. Had I known that beforehand I wouldn't have done it. Glad we were all save. We were about to get on the boat and head to our last destination before sailing back to Barcelona. Our next destination was St Antoni in Ibiza, where the famous Cafe del Mar is located...tbc :)

The best vacation ever part 1

Okay, let me start telling you about my trip:) Friday, the 20th of Sept, we arrived in Barcelona...we were greeted by 25 degrees Celsius which felt like a blessing. We headed straight to Port Ginesta,our meeting point and from where we would depart later that day. We got to see our yacht and the first impression was "damn, how do 9 people fit in here?". I unpacked my luggage, put my bikini on and enjoyed the sun. I also meet my friend who I didn't meet in a while and was glad to catch up a bit. Our crew consisted of 9 people, 6 of which were already present and 3 were to arrive later in the evening. Time passed by, the rest of the crew arrived and soon the coast of Barcelona got out of sight and all we were surrounded by were the dark waters of the sea and the moon shining bright. The journey had started! I was afraid of getting sea sick but in the last moment a friend had commented on my Facebook post that as long as one stays on the deck and looks at the horizon it should be fine. I had taken also some pills. I stayed up all night keeping the captain company and when I started to fall asleep I decided it is time to go in and take a nap. I am not sure how long I have been sleeping but at one point I woke up, I went out and all I could sea is the sea around us, without a single wave, being oily as petrol:) Later during the day I found out that timing is everything:) While I was napping the rest of the crew was cleaning the yacht, which got covered in brown spots during the night. This mystery was not revealed and not only the yacht was dirty but the sails as well. We were sailing and sailing, looking at the dolphins, at the sea that surrounded us, at the beautiful sky. We stopped in the sea where some of us took a dip and swam a bit. Personally I was too afraid to swim so just dipped myself shortly. I have a huge respect towards the sea and the nature and I feel a bit uncomfortable knowing the depth is something like 50 meters or more. We continued sailing and eventually, 26 hours later, we reached our first destination which was Cala de St. Vicent. We anchored, took the bottle of rum out and celebrated:) We were close to the beach, probably 200 meters away, the boat wasn't moving as I was used to till that point. We had few drinks, listened a bit to music and went to bed. The next day, Sunday, we woke up, changed to our swim suits and swam to the beach. This was my first time on land in day and a half. I felt like a sea creature coming out of the sea and going back in the sea to get on the yacht. We started sailing again, this time our destination being Ibiza town. All of us were looking forward to the port there, since we were counting with taking a shower, without getting claustrophobic, but to our disappointment there were no toilets nor bathrooms on the port. For the ones who are not aware, once you park your boat on the port, you are charging it with electricity and you are filling your water tanks, with a hose. Once I saw the hose I was already wondering how embarrassing or not it will be to take a shore on the port. Mind that the port we were staying at and the location we had chosen was just next to the street. Nevertheless, me and two more courageous crew members took a shower on the port. Clean for the first time in roughly 2 days we decided to go for a walk in the town of Ibiza. The weather was warm, the sunset was beautiful and the city itself. Somehow the only thing that comes to my mind when I hear Ibiza is automatically "partyyy" but there is a beautiful castle in the city and the old town looks pretty neat. Some of us went to bed, the rest went partying in Pacha and I decided that I need to come back with some girl friends to check it out:) I will continue in another post as this one is already monstrous...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am on a boat:)

Let the vacation start...tomorrow before noon I take the plane to Barcelona and from there on a week yacht trip to Ibiza baby. Have to definitely go to Cafe Del Mar :)

Friday, September 13, 2013


B: take a deep breath and be mindful, be present with yourself in the moment, let it go R: set realistic goals for the moment, for the hour, for the day. people are way too optimistic in how much they can achieve E : notice the every day events, notice sunset, notice the flowers, recognize when things go right, celebrate A: acts of kindness, create positive events for people T:turn it around, take the negative things and learn from them, reframe this experience and out a silver lining H:honor your own strengths, make a list of the things you are good at and read it daily E:end each day with gratitude, go through a list of things you are most thankful for, positive accounting at the end of the day

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Readers club

Currently reading

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Longboarding, hell yea!

So on Monday I finally got my longboard. I bought an old one since I didn't want to invest a lot of money not being sure if I will like it or not. Yesterday I tried it out and it is awesome! I think snowboarding helps. I wasn't able to do god knows what. I was mostly pushing myself around. But I enjoyed it. And seems like a great work out too. Was all sweaty by the end of the riding. Here some pics...on the first ones I am just posing with the board the day I got it but I am posting them since I think I look cute on them :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Emergency Room...

So today I woke up with this rash on my legs and arms and was wondering if to continue to take the antibiotic or not so decided to go to the Emergency Room so I don't have to worry all weekend. I went there, got a shot and a cream. Awww. Good start of the weekend.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My favourite product

I am not sure how much good it does the skin but feels so refreshing to spray it on the face, especially now when I am with a cold and have to constantly blow my nose and my skin feels irritated. Taking antibiotics. Hopefully I will be okay for the weekend since I have plans!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Readers club: Svejk - read!

It took me a while but I finally read The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk. There were moments where I would laugh all by myself reading some funny passage. The book is a must read especially for all the people who live in Czech Republic and not only :) It took me a while to read it but meanwhile I was distracted by Burroughs' Junkie and Naked Lunch. I must say that even though I feel bored sometimes and find it hard to finish a book I always feel a bit sad once I have read it. For the time I am reading it I am referring to the main characters and sharing my life with them. Once the last page is read and the book is moved to the book shelve it is over.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I voted!

I am still sick but since there were elections today in Bulgaria I made it out of the house and went to vote. Was fun since I meet few people I know. There was today also marathon in Prague so there were many funny walking people around. Joke aside respect to all of them who did it. 42 km can't be a joke. This weekend I spend being lazy and reaching new levels of being lazy by watching movies, reading books and sleeping. Have about 100 pages from Svejk...have to finish it. Have been reading it for few months already;) I can't stop listening to the new Daft Punks song...Get lucky...we are up all night for some fun, we are up all night to get lucky lalal:) Check it out if you haven't heard it. Going to bed now in my wonderful pink freshly washed Hello Kitty sheets...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Down with a flu:(

Drank a huge amount of ginger tea with honey. Blocked nose, sore throat...I feel great. Using the weekend to recover.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Online shopping

Online shopping is so easy...and time to time I do it:) I ordered a jacket from PacSun since they had international free deliver and today it arrived!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dinner at Marina Grosseto

Tonight me and my friend meet an ex colleague of ours from Switzerland and his two friends, a married cute couple, and had dinner. We went to Marina Grosseto, which is a good restaurant with a beautiful view to the castle. Even though the age difference was over 20 years ago I had a lot of fun. We drank good red wine Amarone and had good time. Speaking about the view from the restaurant, here is the evidence: The evening didn't pass without some faux pas...the waiter spilled wine on me. Luckily I was wearing a black shirt. The next thing that happened was a flying red wine, which stained the white shirt of one of the guys:)) Apparently Swiss people bath with expensive wine, they don't drink it. It was a good evening and it is good to do different things for a change. On a totally unrelated note Daft Punks new song 'Get Lucky' is just awesome. The cover of it from Daughter is also pretty cool.

Excited about Friday

I booked a two hour Thai massage for Friday after work. I have nothing planned for the weekend but seems like a good start:))

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Skulls, military jacket, studded shoes... Call it a goulash , happy spring

Friday, March 22, 2013


Shopping and snowboarding in Austria

This is the country I want to live in one day! They have amazing ski resorts! I went for a four day trip last weekend. After we arrived there we just changed and went to snowboard. The weather was super! Sunny, warm, good snow conditions, it was amazing!! They have this cool system where you can see how much you have snowboarded once you enter the skipass number in the app! It is called skiline and is available for both ios and android. The first day after I came back from the slopes I was left without shoes, since I had left them in the bus and the bus driver was sleeping...and since I am so nice I didńt want to wake him up so I went shopping in my snowboard outfit:)) the second day I didn't feel that great so I decided I was done with the snowboarding on the trip. Monday I went for a day trip to Salzburg. Managed to do some sightseeing as well as some shopping:))