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Friday, May 30, 2008


Lately it's quite chaotic in my head.
Why that? Well trying to listen to peoples advice, trying to evaluate the situation, not being sure.
I think I got myself into this situation by thinking about the future too much and not enjoying the present.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Was at the movies

This time to watch Indiana Jones. And it was great. I loved it!
I think it was a cool combination of funny stunts, action moments etc.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nothing special

Boredom as usual. I was wondering these days how come I spend my time on miserable thoughts instead of enjoying the moments. Wish I could stop thinking about the future all the time but be able to enjoy what's happening to me now and here!
Anyway I did some shopping today. Quite satisfied I am. Viva la sales!
I still didn't find the brown shoes I am searching for but I suppose it will happen soon.
Don't feel too much as writing either. Ah well...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


The other day we went to Morcheebas concert.
Funny thing is that they changed the location of the concert. Luckily I had bought a ticket online so they were nice enough to inform me about that.
The concert was nice. First there were the disappointments about the new singer etc...But at the end everything sounded right.
The new singer is a cute lady, called Manda coming from Paris.
So after the concert we were drinking our beers when suddenly the singer came to buy cigarettes. I believe they are doing good to the voice :) Martin showed up and I was pointing to the girl and saying 'Morcheeba live' and yeah he got the marvelous idea to get autographs. It was fun :D
Then I started wondering if I can sell it to which Martin replied that now we have to kill her so there will be any benefit:)
Guys..this with the killing part was a joke.
I liked the concert quite a lot...I wish they would have sang about love and fear etc but oh well
u can't have it all.
After that we stayed in the club for a while more but the music turned into some awfull latino and even though I was a little tipsy I couldn't dance on it so we went for a doner and then walked home.
Hey in the Czech republic if you are married or a couple you need to kiss under a cherry tree. That way the girl/wife will stay healthy and beautiful through the year.