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Monday, March 29, 2010


Why the heck am I not able to post pictures?

Post Weekend Review

Saturday afternoon we went for a stroll in Bratislava. Weather was perfect, a bit windy but sunny. We visited the castle, we walked in the city and along the Danube, had dinner at a local pub and then got on 'bubu' and I drove us to Brno. Somewhere on the border police stopped us for routine check. So seems there is no problem to drive with my driving license ;-)
After we got home, some time after 22:00, we saw 'The Road' -> totally don't get those movies about end of the world, etc. bullshit, after this was an action movie with Mr. Travolta...sniffing coke is what the secret agents do, FYI

Wedding year

10th of April, sometime in May and 12th of June.

This year I am invited to three weddings. Today my colleague, who is getting married, had brought cookies. Seems it's a tradition here to bring cookies and to give to the people attending the wedding. Besides the 'normal' cookies there were also special ones, which one should eat under the table. According to the tradition after you have this cookie you will get married within a year. All none married guys and girls get the special cookie.

Let's see :)

Update! Martin told me he have had many of those cookies and that he is very resistant to getting married so we decided to skip the tradition with eating cookies under the table..

1st day of education passed

Two more days left.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

ITIL education

One of my roles at work currently is ITIL internal edu trainer.
Having my 2nd education tomorrow.
Hopefully the audience will not fall asleep and I will make a more or less successful education ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time change

Just to remind you, from tomorrow clocks are tuned one hour forward.

Just now I am reading

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cinema fever

For all of you who live in Czech Republic and have a palace cinema in your city, now is the time to buy the movie card.
It's valid for a year and costs 50 crowns.
Once you have it though you get 20 crowns discount on each ticket you buy, even if you would buy it online.

Me and my bf are going to the movies so I think it will pay of:)

And last but not least they sell these cards only at time of the year so go get one.

Month and a half later...

back on track.

Since February I started a new job.

Martin bought a Wii and a Wii board.

We went for a weekend in Hochkar, Austria.
FYI streets in Austrian villages are numbered quite chaotically.But for 20 euro a night me and Martin got a house for ourselves. 2 floors, living room, kitchen, bathroom and upstairs was the bedroom.

We went to vacation in Ruzomberok, Slovakia.
We were there last year for new years and they ripped us off. Now in the beginning of March the room was cheaper and bigger than before. So as the skipass...But at the end winter sports is a quite demanding thing...even though it's not the high season u end up with empty pockets in no time.

We went to Rammstein concert in Ostrava. Rammstein are great! They know how to make their fans like them more and they know how to entertain.

Pretty much these are the highlights of the last month and a half.

How have you been?:)

Home made Sushi