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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday I had one of the most weird dreams lately. Few words I will mention : bathtub sex with one of my parents friends while his wife and kids are in the flat. Not having a condom saved the situation. We were in Paris with a friend of mine and we got lost. I was trying to call her, she was looking for me as well. Coworker which was disliked by everyone. Something falling on the bed...thought it was a bug, turned out to be a rotten cherry?!?!
WTF and all this I remember now...16 hours after I woke up.
This morning M woke me up and I was telling about my dreams. Actually when I was woken up I was in the middle of something..can't recall right now.
Luckily I don't dream about falling from the corner of the room as I used to do when I was little...huh

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Party time

Today I finally received the invitation. Actually they were two. Now I am thinking who to give the other one to...
Was at the library today to give back one test and to take two other...
Weather is so nice but I doubt that spring will come so soon.
On Sunday we had a very active day. First we went ice skating...somehow I got some shoes which were squeezing me feet so after one hour i gave up. After that we went to play pool...actually I even managed to shoot the balls...until now never happened. But Martin was helping me a lot.
After that we played bowling where I almost won...almost...Actually I was the first one to have strike and I had all the chances to win but my last try somehow failed...whatever:)
So much for today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


they only want you when you are seventeen
when you are 21 your r no fun
they take a polorid and let u go
and say they let u know
so come on

Monday, February 18, 2008

True or False?

Is it true that a relationship can get screwed due to the fact that two people spend too much time together?

I think it's very possible that at one point you get bored till death.
But on the other hand spending time with someone u like, love, etc. shouldn't be boring to death experience.

So thinking about that I am a little lost. What should a couple do to retain the itch of wanting to have sex with the other person all the time, not feeling bored and so on.

Blah, the more I think the more I get lost.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sex and The City

I've been watching 'Sex and The City' for the last week.

I must say it is fun and eventually educative for the boyfriends.
Best part is how one can recognize himself in many of the situations like leaving stuff at your boyfriends' place or the fact that his ex always finds a way to appear somehow, etc.
But on the other hand ...
Knowing something annoys the other person really bad and still doing it (hurting him) or puking when u find the engagement ring...I would say it's too much.

Anyhow the writers strike is almost over so I will soon be able to relax from hearing all the time about sex and enjoy some 'married and lived happily ever after' time with desperate housewives:)