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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Filmanie in Palace Cinema Brno/Prague

Usually a cinema ticket costs 150 crowns and for 3d movie it's around 200.
This week from the 10th till the 16th all movies , 3D included are for 50:)
So my schedule for the upcoming weekend...actually starting today looks like this

Friday ,
- A perfect Gateway

-Christmas Carol



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello world

Who ever reads me, please leave a comment below saying hello world :)

god bless modern technologies

in times when the sick leave is not paid I really appreciate the opportunity to work from home.
Benefits of working from home
- u don't spend time in traffic
- u can sleep longer
- u work more as you don't have your colleagues to distract you and u don't take other brakes then wc break and tea break
- u can browse freely without being afraid that someone will see you and ur reputation will get ruined:P

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here I am

Haven't had time to write lately as this week was crazy.
I did my first education. Was teaching ITIL v3. Cool, right?
Classes were each day from 8 till 13 , 3 days in a row.
Not only I had to wake up very very early, speak all day loud but then I had to work as I would normally do. And in the evenings I was preparing myself for the upcoming day.
I am glad it's behind me:)
Out of 11 feedback forms I received 1 was dissatisfied 1 was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and the rest 9 people were very satisfied or only satisfied...

Now I am staying home with sore throat:(
Any advice how to fix it?
I already did try by drinking rakia, drinking mixture of honey, rakia and olive oil,
drinking tea...
oh well
hopefully soon it will be gone coz in two weeks I am going home:)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

so tired

I am so tired.
Doing my first education ever. 3rd and last day tomorrow...

Monday, November 30, 2009

I can't open zamunda. Help!

For F*cks sake...

one day left

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Whole Sunday I didn't leave the house.
The only fresh air I was breathing while staying on the window :D

Our weekend plan was supposed to be to go ti Vienna and then on Sunday Martin to have studied for his exam and me to prepare for the education next week but...turned out in a lazy Saturday and even more lazy Sunday.

Friday night we were on the Xmas market on the square. Managed to stain my jeans with greasy bramborak... saturday we went to the xmas market again, then had beers.

This week I am doing an education. Starting wednesday till friday, 5 hours a day...,ITIL v3 here we come
so far I didn't freak out but I bet on tuesday evening I might faint;)
Whoever is reading, please keep your fingers crossed for moi!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Skyeurope,

I would like to thank you for giving back my 4000 crowns. Actually they weren't even mine but my boyfriends but he spend them on ticket to Sofia and back for me so eventually I would have had to give them to him in case you didn't.


and...flyniki....where are u?:P

Monday, November 23, 2009

I hate it

someone stealing me and my colleagues nut:D

no, I am not a squirrel but there are some kind of people who as the vampires feed off peoples results and actions and then all they can to is only brag and play cool.
I feel used and abuses...
thing is that if it's someone higher than you in the hierarchy you can't do much coz so and so you will end up bleh

Sunday, November 22, 2009

did u know that?

mango has an online outlet?

they ship to Bg as well:D

Ordered things

Ordered this things today.
In 12 days will see.
Check this out

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last summer pics

Last summer me and Martin were in Istanbul for a week.
I love Istanbul!

Here are three pics which remind me of the good summer time :

Mission completed

The flat is clean, soon I will change the sheets, my pancake cake is ready, I am showered, shaved :PP I need to dry my hair and put body lotion and tadaaa ready I am;)

I would like to proudly share that I have survived 4 night of sleeping home alone, since sunday, without being scared and freaking out!
Only on the third night I started hearing sounds like leaking water etc but luckily I fell asleep very fast :D
For the days I have been alone I was at work always around 8...That's an achievement...

Going to finish of and wait for my presents from Martins vacation :D

My darling is coming home


if u want my future , forget my past!

Went out to play ping pong with winnie the pooh.
then we ate grilled vegetables and in the same place we had dinner there was some kind of teen we checked it out for a shoot b52 it waS?
almost made the bar burn coz i was afraid to drink while it was in flames and put it off but the flames spread on the bar...then we had a cuba libre....then another
danced like crazy and now i wish it was saturday tomorrow

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oh sh*t

Just saw on storstadspojken's blog that a women has found a shark in the toilet!! scroll down and you will see..

I would like to be able to pee, ****, in piece and not think that a snake will jump out while i am concentrated at the most....not even a shark.


u like?

new skateshoes

I was going to write kate shoes...I think a seed from paprika has fallen in my keyboard and I have to insist more when pressing.

I bought today new skate shoes. White and black, Vans.

I had promised myself to throw the old pairs , once I buy new but actually now that I think with the white pair I go biking sometimes...okay they are not comfy for walking but when you bike you don't walk do you?
And the green ones...they are pain in the ass but the colour is just great...
but they make my feet suffer...

ah well...

btw did you start with the xmas shopping already?

I don't know what to buy!!! any xmas gifts ideas will be appreciated.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home alone and yesterday's impressions

As I mentioned already yesterday I was in Vienna. After hitting the outlet we went to the city center for more shopping but unfortunately the stores were closing already...

I was in a shoe store hesitating to try Uggs when they told us they are closing. Damn:)

In addition to the good deal at Triumph I came home with a John Frieda 'volume' shampoo.

I tried the one for brown hair but my hair gets even greasier after using...
I just washed with the volume one, which was especially made for celebrities and models backstage..:P that's what it says on the back of the tube.

Not that I believe in this shit but still I bought it...

When we were leaving Vienna we passed next to Rathaus and I saw that there the Xmas market was already open and the trees were decorated.

Too bad we were in the car on our way back :(

But good thing to know that mid of November one can enjoy the great chritmas decoration in Vienna.

Ah, another lesson learned from yesterday... if you order a hot brownie at Burger King, order it with ice cream :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


If you happen to be in Vienna and have some more time make it to Parndorf.
There you will find a designer outlet..with over 100 brands. Okay now I am guessing but it was huuuge!

anyhow for 22 euro I got a bra from skinny and 4 pantie from triumph
I love it when it's cheap :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little people!

Here is the rest

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Това да не ви е сладур.ком бе еей!

Съобщение, което получих в Линк'д Ин...

Това да не ви е сладур.ком бе еей!

Съобщение, което получих в ЛинкИн...

Swine flu vaccination?

Check this out:

That's weird.

Oh what a night!

Was out with friends and it was goood:)

Wondering if I will manage all my plan for tomorrow e.g. go pick up the shoes , etc. etc.

Btw as of today I have a temporary residence permit. Horray!
One worry less:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

happy ending

me : 'Martin will u marry me if they want to deport me?'

M : 'But we don't live in the US'

me : 'but will u marry me if they want to deport me?'

M : 'of course I will ,be'

This was the conversation between me and Martin on the way to the post.
Looking at it now I can't really tell if it was a happy ending or not but the mail
I got was to inform me that I need to pick up my temporary permit within 5 days otherwise will be discarded.

Here is a link where u can test ur cz knowledge in case u decide to go for a permanent permit:

I got 27/30 right and I wonder can it be really that easy?
Come on... :)

And btw does someone happen to know what requirements one has to fullfil to obtain permanent residence permit? 5 years in cz rep. or 5 years of having temp. permit or ?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Will I be deported?

Half an hour ago me and Martin were coming home and doing the usual ritual of checking the mailbox.

This time there was a small paper with red stripe announcing I have something waiting for me in the post. I started jumping around coz I thought I finally had received my Thank you award (colleagues can award you and then you select the prize you want, so I am expecting a 8gb USB, one pen and one diary I think) was a paper from the police.

Today after 7 pm I can pick it up.
I don't really know what it can be but let's get surprised.

Will Martin finally marry me so I don't get deported?
Is there some nasty fine waiting for me for not updating my address registration?

I will see...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Did you know that...

Hulk Hogan applied for 'job' with Metallica and Rolling Stones?

He wanted to be their bassist but they never replied to him.
But he was willing to give up wrestling for that.

Oh no, don't tell me you don't know who Hulk Hogan is? Back in the beginning of the 90's we were gathering all this cards with famous and my brother :D

Swedish Lesson!

As some of you might know I speak Swedish. I have even 'Tisus' with which I can attend a Swedish University and study in Swedish. Okay, I took it like 7 years ago so maybe most of my knowledge has disappeared but what I meant to say is that the other day I found that a colleague of mine also speaks Swedish.

You can imagine my excitement as usually this language is not that popular.
She told me that she goes to Swedish lessons once a week with a Swedish teacher, where they discuss novels they have read.

So today I will be going there. Made appointment with my colleague but don't have her phone number so I hope she won't stand me up and I get the chance to speak.

Hej sa lange!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

movie time in the bath tub!

There is nothing better than that, is there?
Best time to relax, scrub yourself in no hurry and not to be bored by all the 'body care taking activities' watch a movie.
I have done it once and it was great.
Moreover I have a great companion, which you might have seen already.

If not, check out that link:

cleaning addict?

Woke up around 9 o clock. Was thinking to go pick up my shoes, which I left to repair by bike. But somehow I lost the courage due to the weather. It was sunny but cold and thought it's not the best choice to go to the city by bike.
I could have walked but sometimes I am just too lazy to walk and that's why I prefer bike. Moreover I had to meet a friend at 10:15 so I didn't have this much time.
We went to the mall to buy a birthday present to her boyfriend.
I had also some discount vouchers but I couldn't find something which I liked that much so...I left only with a dumbbell. So finally I have two dumbbells. The stick on which you put the weight is 2 kg and the weights themselves are 2x1.25 and 2x 0.5 I think.
If I was counting right I should have two dumbbells each 5 kg.
The idea of being able to train at home is cool. Saving time to go to the gym and now with this weather where it's dark already at 17...
Anyhow, our mission for the bday present was successful, we had a coffee and then some food shopping.
After that I came home and ...cleaned.
If I would like to keep the flat always clean it would mean to vacuum 2 times a week.
And lately I don't know due to what to reason I am doing it ;)
Maybe the feeling that I can walk barefoot in the flat when it's super clean encourages me to keep on going.

that's the shit!!!

When I was working in the states, few years back, on a WAT program we would always hit the mall in our free days.
Once I bought 2 pair of skate shoes from Pac Sun.
Ever since I am checking their website and finally they have started to ship to Europe. It shows the price in the currency you choose, may it be lv or crowns...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you like horror movies

check out those two:

Inside and Paranormal activity

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Петък вечер.

Вчера бях поканила 3 колежки на гости. Нито повече нито по-малко, по ред причини.
Първо, че кухниохола ни не побира много, има диван, където могат да седнат двама и 2 възглавници за земята. Разполагаме и с две високи столчете, но някак се получава дисбаланс възглавници за пода и високи столчета, нали?

И второ, че това са ми най-приятните колежки.

Та на път от работа се спряхме в Била, където забравих да купя чери домати, но пък взех сирене, сирене и пак сирене.
Вкъщи се втурнах да чистя, тъй като предния ден приготовленията се изразиха само в леко подреждане. След малко чудене дали да бържа прах или не реших, че на тъмно и без това не се забелязва. Та след прахосмукачката и парцала реших да изпека чушки.
Малката скаричка е номер едно в това отношение. Пече пържоли, чушки к'вот се сетиш.

Мартин си замина, а в същото време дойдоха колежките и така се почна на червено вино, водка финландия и сирена..
След като се набъбрихме доволно и послушахме малко остаряла музика миришеща на нафталин, пуснах една пералня и се приспах с Харуки.
Това да е било към 1. В 7ч алармата звъни ли звъни. Предполагам вчера под северно влияние съм сложила аларма за събота...много непридвидливо.

И така се почна с мойта ранна събота. Рано пиле рано пее, както се казва.

Към 10ч бях излязла на пазар. Обещах си да ходя всяка събота на пазара за еко зеленчук, броколи с гъсеници ;-)
На път за там купих 2 калъфки за възглавници и долен чаршаф, а преди това си изкарах снимки...който бяха главен елемент в следобедното занимание и само да хване още малко лепилото ще покажа крайния продукт:)

С увиснали до колената ,от торбите, ръце, се прибрах и пак се почна, простиране на 3та перланя подред. Има още дрехи за пране, но на сушилката място няма:)

Толкоз за сега;;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bio vegetables

How you know your vegetables are ecological enough?

When you squeeze а caterpillar while cleaning the broccoli, thinking it's a leaf.

After that Martin continued with the broccoli cleaning as I was too disgusted.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clarks...not worth the money

In spring I bought nice casual shoes Clarks from a store in Brno(Gryc store on Silingrovo).
They had some super cool insoles and it felt really soft when wearing them ...just great. So far it was good. Not long ago I discovered that they got unstuck and even the heal was unstuck, not only in the front. Today I went to this store, they said they will repair them and I can take them back in a month from now.
I tried to actually return them but it didn't work.

Wanted to share my dissatisfaction. I am not sure who to blame whether the store which sold them to me or the producer but at the end but it sucks whichever way it is.
Somehow with time I get less and less convinced that paying gives you in reward quality...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love to buy books

Yesterday I added 6 more pieces to my collection.
Due to small misunderstanding in the bookstore I had to come back.They had charged me for 7 books but I had only 6 in the bag...I went to get my money back and later that evening I realized I was planning to buy in fact 7 books and they have charged me for them but they had forgotten to put the 7th in the bag as well..
Anyhow, on the list is Haruki Murakami ...:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

busy busy busy

This end of the year is and will be sooooo busy for me, work related,study related.

Now I am home combining home office and exams (home office is the perfect way how to stay longer home and not waste your vacation if your case is the same as mine) By this I mean that my exams are each thursday or friday and flying ah, wait , now that there is no skyeurope..., so coming by bus each time for the weekend would kill me financially as well as physically coz traveling by bus is indeed a challenge more over our country, so as Serbia are not in Schengen which involves waiting at the borders and as it turns out due to various reasons, may it be that the drivers carry luggage with invoice but without any taxes on it or something else, it can be veeery time consuming.

Anyhow I just felt stressed by the thought of all upcoming things...currently fighting with UNSS,than preparing for ITIL as I have the exam at the end of September.
At the end of September also an education starts in which I will participate and last but not least I am in the team preparing some internal education. Ah and not to forget that if I would manage my last two exams I can enroll for diploma work, hoping I can defend in the beginning of next year not now coz seems impossible...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Aids is a mass murderer

I am not going to comment on those three pictures.

Check them out yourselves

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was supposed to fly this thursday home with Skyeurope.

I will still get home thanks to the oldschool way of transportation between countries- bus.

But I am a bit disappointed. Not sure yet if we would be able to recover our money. They have written on their website that if you bought them with card there is a chance that the bank could give it back.
On the other hand a girl commented on my FB status saying they are expecting 2800 euro back from a canceled group ticket and they never got it back.

I had tickets with RyanAir for October to London and they changed the dates but they send me an email asking me if I agree or would like to refund my money.

And Skyeurope seems not to be loyal. I am it can get tough and I am sure it did but come on!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The unfortunate story of zucchini 'kiofteta'

So this summer on Kalamitzi, the cam in Greece, my brothers girlfriend prepared kiofteta (meat balls) oh well in this case they were flat from zucchini. They were more than tasty and the preparation was few zucchini,finely chopped onion, eggs, flour and being baked on the electric Teflon grill we had.

Today is the second time when m&m (me and Martin) try to prepare them.
First time was big failure and we decided that our problem was that we didn't use the proper fan, you know there are those pans with four round things.

So today we spent a fortune, kitchen stuff ain't cheap you should know, for a Tefal pan which had this four things inside. I was in a hurry to peal the zucchinis, etc
and it turns out again in failure...

Maybe the zucchinis are to watery and this ruins our attempts or I don't know.
But I would need to ask Iveta for the exact recipe:)

Now our guests are coming so I got to go.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is giuvetch, a typical Bulgarian meal.

I like to eat potatoes and this is a great way to have them in the meal.

You think it looks nice?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am sick of them!

I am sick of the trash of society.
People who decided to be useless and survive by begging the others for money or for cigarettes or get drunk and shout at others. I am usually paranoid without anyone wanting anything from me but in the cases when somebody bugs me it's too much already.
And for some reason I think on weekends you can meet a lot of those people. Maybe the normal ones go out of the city and the trash to normal number is higher.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Feast of Love

I just watched this movie. Expected sth with the taste of strawberries with sugar but turned out more sour and sad. Anyhow not bad.

Have you seen it?

So not music idol

Was just browsing on youtube and I saw those two:

Mohamed and Linda, both finalist in the Danish X Factor.

Here the videos and maybe you get my point, in fact 2 points:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Kano Diagram

It has nothing to do with kano, aka velqn :)

Today on my ITIL v3 education I found out about the Kano Diagram.

Here the link on wiki in case you are interested to find out what's a delighter, how to give more but less and etc.


Few minutes ago I spoke with my dad on Skype.
The conversation was sth like

-'Ey, what's up'
-'Ah, not much. Relaxing after work'.
-'What is Martin doing?'
Here my dad gets excited!

You must have fallen on your ears. I assume you won't get what I mean unless you are Bulgarian. My dad rephrased the expression, which otherwise would have sounded like ...
I guess you know already.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have my lazy moments. Right now , meaning ever since I came back from vacation, I can't make myself blog about how it was etc.

But right now I came across something, which was new to me so I decided to share

The ten minute nose job: Amazing new procedure means you don't have to go under the knife for a perfect profile

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off to Kalamitsi!

One more day at work, packing...
Bus to Vienna, flight to Thessaloniki and here it comes : a whole week of doing nothing but sunbathing and swimming in the sea.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Biking, mosquitoes and mini cinema

Saturday in Ostrava or Visiting Martins parent

The day started with biking around the area here. In total 22 km. I wish we could stay longer out and ride more but we had to get back for lunch which for some reason takes place at 12:00. Anyway weather forecast was saying it will rain from noon so pressured by the upcoming bad weather and our appearance to lunch we headed back.
I found out that I have problems with riding up the hill. I might not be able to change the gears in my advantage or I am too weak for that. My favorite terrain to ride the bike is somewhere in the forest where the ground is firm but at the same time soft and there is no bouncing or even on the road, preferably without the cars. Main point is it should be not going up nor down just straight and even surface:D

After coming back from the biking we had lunch and watched a little TV. I was sleepy as hell but refused to sleep.Later on went for a desert hunt in the garden and last but not least I was mowing the grass with the tractor.

Then there was time for afternoon coffee and then the rain started to pour.
We had reservation for the movie 'Bottle Shock' at MiniKino:)
Was the cutest smallest cinema I've ever seen and what was best was prices were half of what you would pay at the fancy shmensy cinemas.
I liked this one mostly for it's attitude and being different.

This was pretty much all we did this Saturday.

Ah, almost forgot. Ostrava mosquitoes don't seem to like Bulgarians:D
Not only I got bitten several times but I got bitten next to my left eye which lead to me resembling more an Asian than an Eastern European with that swollen eye!

A picture of me on the tractor will follow:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink panther

I wanted to bike since a longer time. Now that it's summer I can't think of something better to enjoy an active life. Walking is fun but it's taking forever, roller blades might be fun too but somehow too close to the earth and not that stable maybe?

So my idea of buying a bike got fulfilled.
On Tuesday I went in one shop just to check and there it was...I asked for the tires to have them both for roads and terrain, I got a bottle holder? if that's how it is called...front light, back light .

Wednesday I picked up the bike and drove it for few hundred meters from the shop to home and today I went with it to the city. I wanted initially to go to Brno lake but when the bike alley ended on Purkynova I didn't know where to head so I came back.

In total 12 kms with my bike or so this little device for measuring says:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer heat in the city

Summer heat + public transport in Sofia = incredible sensation and fainting

: D

One improvement I notice is that time tables appeared on the bus stations and also from time to time a plan of the public transport in Sofia.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stay positive

Bulgarians are very negative people. I can notice it amongst my acquaintances here. Every one accuses the Czech of being smelly, eating too much garlic and I don't know what other bullshit. There are also comments like 'Czech are no good for boyfriends'.
I can go on by giving many other examples but thing is that I never heard someone share something about the positive things here. Nevertheless and no matter how much 'it sucks here' there are some people who seem to be immune against all this plague population here and stay several years. That's called being resistant.
In this regard I would like to share with you what I came across:

Check it out and show you are positive. No, not HIV positive as Cartman was making fun in one part of SP.

Beginning of May and June:P

Time seems to pass quite fast.

So in the last post I was telling you how I spend April and beginning of May and here I am with the prolongation...

May was a sad month.

June was much better. There was a planned trip in the beginning of the month to Cote d'Azur. We left on a sunday and came back on a thursday. It was not enough but quite alright. Of course we didn't manage to see everything but I guess one would need a month at least.
We stayed in Nice, it was our base camp so to say and from there each day we were exploring a destination. The first one was a village very close to the Italian border called Menton.
Actually we had planned for a day to visit Menton and on the way back Monaco but somehow we got stuck in that village walking in the exotic gardens, refreshing ourselves by walking with the trousers rolled up in the sea, eating baguette with prosciutto.

So the next day not to travel in the same direction we went to Cannes.
This time we were smart enough to have the bathing suits with us so after an exhausting walk and being overwhelmed with all multistar hotels we just stayed in the sun and cooled down by taking a short swim.
We climbed up the hill, visited the museum and back again to Nice

Third way was for visiting Monaco. We arrived there 5 minutes before the guards would change so we were speed walking the stairs up to catch the event.
After that we visited the oceanographic museum, then the car collection of King Albert, than the casino in Monte Carlo. Unfortunately even tho we played there was no win but I was trying to persuade Martin that if he would give me 5 more euro and would keep his fingers on mine while trying my luck it could go better..:)

Last day we walked a bit around Nice as our flight was int he afternoon. We visited the Russian church and museum of Chagal and went to collect the luggage.

I was going to upload pictures here but somehow it's a pain in the a** so I would hint you to the source:

I would go again there. Even tho all the beaches were with pebbles only the one in Cannes was sand it's worth to see it. You might feel depressed for being the only one without a LV bag but whatever:)
Hotel we stayed in was on a good location and worth the money.

So after Nice followed a crazy weekend in Sofia and it was crazy not coz of too much fun but of visiting stupid University and taking exams.Anyhow 3 left until I am done.

After that the weekend I was home alone because Martin was on business trip. Because he got one day delay we missed the Depeche Mode concert...
That weekend I was driving his Combi bubu in Brno like a pirate around. Managed to visit all malls and came home with some good stuff.

Meanwhile managed to see Terminator salvation, Transporters-bleeeh and Coralina which was maybe the best of those. A cartoon but a creepy one. I was told that the book is even worse.

So far so much. Maybe it would really make sense to blog more often than to make a month summary...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

April and beginning of May : pics and stories:P

Lately I haven't been writing so I will summarize the month in pictures
Starting from the beginning of the month. Visit to Pernstejn, castle not far from Brno.
We took a tour inside and on the way back stopped in a cukrarna...nice

After that during easter time, not the orthodox, I got beaten with a stick, as the czech tradition is, and we visited Cesky Raj. It's an area full of castles, sand rocks and..snakes :D Happened to see one and totally fraked out...:
Cesky Raj:
Decided to paste the whole link as it would be much easier.
On the pics you will see the following castles : Hruba Skala, Valdstejn, Trosky, Humprecht and Kost.

The weekend after that we went to Prague to celebrate Martins uncle 60th anniversary.
This is a picture worth attention as we both usually don't dress up.

The next day after the celebration some people looked like this :

and others like that:

Weekend after we went to Ostrava to celebrate Martins fathers birthday. Saturday I was mowing the garden and later that day we had grilled wurst..:D
Sunday we went biking to the cemetery...where I was introduced to all his grandparents.
Was the first time I went to cemetery and it was okay until the moment when I realized that all the stones with names on them hide the story of several lives...

1st of May was spent next to the lake bbq'ing and celebrating the 30th bday of a friend.
2nd of May we went to Vienna to see Rembrandt in Albertina and then spend few hours in Prater, screaming like crazy. We tried 'dizzy mouse' some 'bahn', a funny one with lazers and it's all dark around you...
We had camera but somehow all day it stayed in the not a single picture:)

See you next month:P with further updates.
As my brother will be visiting I think I will gather new pics:)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend & finally spring

Finally spring came! Horray!
tomorrow me and some friends are going to Vienna for a day trip. Can't wait. Weather is supposed to be nice:))
Tonight me and some colleagues decided to hang out busy busy spring schedule:)))

Hope you enjoy the spring as much as I do.

Two days ago I celebrated spring by wearing ballerinas and a skirt:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sun and snow

Today we went snowboarding. Maybe for the last time this year. The weather was great.
Sunny all day long and warm. I guess if I didn't wake up at 5:30 I would have been more excited about the whole thing:)

Btw I haven't been writing lately here but nothing exciting was going one.

Was for a few days in Slovakia, Nizke Tatry, again for snowboarding...was perfect, plus I made it again to Besenova thermal baths...Entrance was for free as it was 8th of March, and we got back massage...mmm

Me and Martin

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Puzzle ball

Here is my puzzle ball. 540 pieces, took me 3 days to build it. Well yeah I was cheating a bit by building it with the help of the numbers on the pieces...oh well

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am 16 again?

I don't know if it's the winter, the cold weather or me not dressing warm enough but I rarely feel like going somewhere else besides home from work...
This results in me becoming a chat maniac;)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Woke up at 8 both days!

Window shopped. Latest shopping was three shirts randomly bought and without intention. Always when I go shopping with the idea I want to buy something...I come back empty handed. Anyway I am looking forward to spring and summer and marine style!

Watched the Slumdog millionaire. 'Taj Mahal is a 5 * hotel...and here is the swimming pool.' I loved the dance at the end. Makes you get rid of the hard feelings from the movie and leaves in you a cheerful mood.

Cleaned at home a bit. Think twice a week should be enough. But the dirt seems to gather 5 minutes after cleaning.

Went for a walk on the dam. Water was all frozen so we were actually walking on the ice.

Watched 'Revolutionary road' but didn't get amazed.

Fell asleep while watching The Wrestler...Too blond:D Almost got jealous on his hair:P

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who said having an It guy as a boyfriend is easy?

It's not!
He has oncall, he has to work almost each evening...
Or do I crave too much attention?

I hate those people!

I don't understand the people who are permanently in a bad mood.
I know that sometimes you have a bad day or something but there are some people who no matter what are pissed off and contribute to a bad atmosphere.
If that would be the case in my free time I would ignore them or not meet them.
But sometimes this people turn out to be your boss or colleague and you have to bare their presence on a daily basis.
In my opinion it doesn't take too much to put a smile on your face or at least act normal since we end up pretty often in stressful situations etc.Why make it worse, right? But I guess for this kind of people it is something normal.
I just hate them!
Anyway I take it more as challenge. Ah, I must have picked up this corporate language where shitty is being translated as challenge:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hair care

If I wasn't too lazy I would have put a picture with all the hair products which I am using. But since I am, you will have to satisfy yourself with my explanation :P
Not long ago I read an advice in Cosmo, which I try to apply.
So in order to avoid breaking ends put conditioner ( I am using a mask)on the end before washing the hair. This will help the ends of the hair not to dry out and eventually not to break so easily.
So you are already aware of the 1st step.
This steps varied according to the time I have and the mood I am in:)
Sometimes I use the stimulation oil from Ikarov. It costs only 5 lv and it's some mixture in almond oil. I like it because I would like to believe it's natural and besides it really helps in case of dandruff ( much better than Nisoral, honestly!)
2nd step: Ducray Elution, Ducray Extra Doux, Ducray Anaphase. Depending on the mood I am using one of those three.
3rd step: A hair mask recommended to me by my friends. Comes in big packs and costs only 6 lv. And yeah it's being also sold at pharmacies if this will convince you in it's quality. It's based o henna.
4th step: Crystals! Doesn't it sound amazing to use crystals ;P
5th step: Klorans' dry shampoo with oat extract. It's a spray which absorbs the sebum. It's quite useful if you don't want to wash your hair each 2nd day but each 3rd for example:) It helps to regulate the sebum, saves time and yeah it's good:)

Of course very often I don't have time to go through all that steps but I give my best from time to time. Now my goal is to grow a bit longer hair. Let's hope I don't go mad and cut it :D

Hope it was helpful in a way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

soon will be 4 months

since me and Martin moved out.
It is fine to be on our own. No flatmates, no wondering where to spend the night.
As a whole it is more relaxing. He is a great help in cleaning, laundry etc...
not much to complain about:D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

lazy sunday

Woke up at 8:30 with headache.
Since I didn't have any sea salt I sacrificed my bath salt to cure my headache by warming it up and putting it in a sock:)
Sometime around 14:30 I finally got out of bed. Made salad and now crawling back to bed for some movies:)
Doesn't it sound lazy and relaxing:P
Anyway I think I was active enough this weekend. Friday I went to the movies to see Yes Man, Saturday I spend outdoors snowboarding and in the evening even went to visit friends so I deserve a lazy day:D


Yesterday we went snowboarding in Recki, 150 km away from Brno. Unpleasant thing was that we were changing in front of the car to our equipment but as a whole was fun. Snow was just wonderful, super soft and made it all so much easier. Even though I get better I am still not able to get off the chairlift without falling! Damn.
Now I realize what a big advantage is Vitosha mountain in Sofia.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today in the afternoon I finally decided to book another spinning hour for today evening. I thought it will be good for me to sweat a bit. Maybe even the headache would pass and I will release the stress. Few minutes after that I received invitation for the evening of a dear friend to go out so I will have a busy evening.I am not planning to stress. I will take it easy, go spinning, take a shower, dress, buy a flower and hit the pub. Even though I will be late ;-)

Easy and Galya was writing in her last post. I refuse to be give myself to stress...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today I went spinning. I am not doing any sports except occasional ice skating, swimming and yeah snowboarding.
Today I went to spinning and it was quite fun. At one point I was wondering if I will make it till the end and luckily I survived.
Here is the place:

I can recommend Honza. He spoke English and was nice to us explaining etc. The best part is that the first lesson for beginners is for free! Besides it's located in Hotel Slovan which is super convenient for me coz I need to enter the building next to my house. I am thinking of carrying on spinning at least once a week!

Check it out:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here we stayed...It was 50 metres away from the cabin lift

After cabin lift we took chair lift and that's the view from the top of the slope. Chimneys, smoke, so good to be up in the fresh air!

Snowboarding: :D

The slope :

Here is the proof:

Stage reached : advanced beginner:) I am able to do both turns! Horray!

Here was my very helpful boyfriend. I don't think I would manage so well without his great help. He was there for me to tie my boots, bind me or unbind me, pull me when I lost the speed:)

Christmas in Brno