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Friday, October 31, 2008

Mrs red nose turned to Mrs. Antibiotic and one week home stay

Today I went to the doctor and luckily this time they didn't take blood but I got antibiotics and sick leave for a week. Oh well, now I am playing with my new puzzle...
people play guitar hero, wii etc..and me...old school puzzle

Thursday, October 30, 2008

News on facebook

The other day I open my facebook where I see this message from an ex colleague of mine.
Here is the link:

Maria congratulations! Wish you a lot of luck and hope you will be not a nasty boss:P

A secret I will reveal

If you happen to live in Brno, Prague or Ostrava and you like to shop with a 20%discount, here is a deal.
Register on the following link :
and you will receive an invitation for an Elle VIP Evening at Mango store, where they will offer you 20% off + a free cleansing water and t-shirt for every purchase you make!
Invitation is valid for two and the event in Brno will be taking place on the 6th of November. See you there for some free Baileys :P

Inspired by a comment

Actually the time I wrote about me appearing in public , oh how it only sounds, and everybody asking me where Martin is happened something else too.

We were sitting at the table enjoying our drinks when a friend of mine asked me if I am
by any chance pregnant...I looked at him weird and so he started he heard a friend of him telling him that a Bulgarian girl,who's together with a Czech is pregnant..and they thought of course it could be me. The first thing I had in mind was 'damn, did I gain this much weight so I look pregnant' and the other thing was 'as if I am the only one here dating a Czech, after all we are in Czech republic, aren't we';)

Well this might seem as half of the story. Actually there is a bit more left...
I almost forgot this funny thing when the flatmate of the guy in question comes to me for a little chat and starts the same thing all over again 'you are not pregnant, right'?

Did this happen to you as well? We call that in Bulgarian 'broken phone game'. May you excuse my poor translation. It reminded me somehow of that ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shopping in Barcelona

As I mentioned few posts earlier I spent the weekend in Barcelona. And since it was me and a colleague of mine (2 girls,hurray) we spent some time in the stores.

A small shopping tip from me would be El Cort Ingles on Placa Catalunya.

There I bought these gorgeous sweaters. I got the one in grey for 20 euro and the green one for 25...80%wool, 20% poliamide.

funny talks 2

Conversation between me and Martin :

Martin: my clit hanged
me: hahah
Martin: have to use touchpad
:( pfffff

I am sure you already understood he meant the clit on the notebook:P

funny talks

Talk between me and a colleage :

Me: Brno?
Him: Yes, playing the Al Bundy game.
Me: what's that?
Him: Work, get married, make kids, plant a tree and build a house.

So which level have u reached in your Al Bundy game? I believe I am still playing the demo version called 'moving out with your partner'...

Monday, October 27, 2008

you want to ask me sth?

Now is the moment to do so!
Put your question as a comment and I will answer.

btw it's quite daring of me since I don't believe there are any readers at all...but why not give it a try
;) nose

So here I sit at work now with a cold, not the worse one ever but still :(

If you wanna see some of the pictures from Barcelona click here:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

High hopes

The grass was greener

The light was brighter

With friends surrounded

The night of wonder


Never let down your high hopes:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

weekend in Barcelona


the trip was exhausting. We travelled from Brno to Bratislava by bus, then public transport to the airport, flight to Gerona, bus to Barcelona...Oh well...that's the disadvantage to live in a small city. You have to catch the flight from another city.

Barcelona was great, amazing, wonderful and I never was so impressed.
The weather was amazing. I couldn't enjoy the nice weather it was so unbelievable...Hot hot weather in October. The other thing is the people, they are smiling at you...Oh, oh
So we just had landed and we wanted to exchange some money on the airport in Bratislava so we would be able to buy tickets for the public transport. The woman was shouting at us ...crazy, was the first time I could really see the difference in the peoples behaviour. Why why why are people behaving like shit with no particular reason.
Anyway, the hostel we stayed at in Barcelona is a good one. Urbany hostel. Several stations to the city centre and the service is great. You get to use also a swimming pool, have you ever heard that:P
Anyhow, the weekend was emotianally charged to the maximum and I am in love.
I think I should move there...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So tonight while being at work me and my colleage decided to travel somewhere since now with our new shiftplan we have 4 days 12 hour shifts and then 4 days off...
Destination will be Barcelona. Stay will be for 2,3 days...but still exciting
Now I have to plan all the trip:))

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I don't know how to say it me and Martin moved out together. Actually is still a bit crazy coz we need to buy some stuff ( I want to have a magazine box next to the sofa for example), besides some of the stuff is still unpacked and will take I guess some time til we finally settle down and get used to the new flat.
Anyway, what I was thinking about is that once you live with someone you have to compromise on the way how to furnish and decorate the flat. For example I like more simple decoration. Our flat is not big and I think that too many things around would make it look even smaller and the point is just the opposite:)
The thing is that Martin has several paintings and I am not sure they will look good. I don't want to tell him that I wouldn't like to have the paintings there , on the other hand I don't want to restrict him coz is his place also.
Oh well...I'll find a way:)

Go away banana boxes

I am sick of the banana boxes:)
I want to finally have our flat as it should be. Maybe now on thursday we'll go to buy some table for the tv and all the other 'boxes' ...don't know even their names.
And on the weekend we should buy the TV and some iron..
Actually the other day we were planning what TV to buy and so on when we realized that none of us has an iron...we were both ironing with the flatmates' irons...
well big plans:D

Pizza Taxi, La strada (@ Brno) sucks

Та вчера на работа решихме с колегите да си поръчаме храна. Поръчахме две пици и два пъти спагети. Пристига поръчката, но бяха само спагетите. Оказа се, че се е получило объркване и след малко донесоха и пиците. Моята си я бях избрала със сушени домати, които бяха заплатени допълнително, но естествено те липсваха....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Нова къща нов късмет

От няколко дена се подвизавам в новия апартамент.