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Sunday, May 3, 2009

April and beginning of May : pics and stories:P

Lately I haven't been writing so I will summarize the month in pictures
Starting from the beginning of the month. Visit to Pernstejn, castle not far from Brno.
We took a tour inside and on the way back stopped in a cukrarna...nice

After that during easter time, not the orthodox, I got beaten with a stick, as the czech tradition is, and we visited Cesky Raj. It's an area full of castles, sand rocks and..snakes :D Happened to see one and totally fraked out...:
Cesky Raj:
Decided to paste the whole link as it would be much easier.
On the pics you will see the following castles : Hruba Skala, Valdstejn, Trosky, Humprecht and Kost.

The weekend after that we went to Prague to celebrate Martins uncle 60th anniversary.
This is a picture worth attention as we both usually don't dress up.

The next day after the celebration some people looked like this :

and others like that:

Weekend after we went to Ostrava to celebrate Martins fathers birthday. Saturday I was mowing the garden and later that day we had grilled wurst..:D
Sunday we went biking to the cemetery...where I was introduced to all his grandparents.
Was the first time I went to cemetery and it was okay until the moment when I realized that all the stones with names on them hide the story of several lives...

1st of May was spent next to the lake bbq'ing and celebrating the 30th bday of a friend.
2nd of May we went to Vienna to see Rembrandt in Albertina and then spend few hours in Prater, screaming like crazy. We tried 'dizzy mouse' some 'bahn', a funny one with lazers and it's all dark around you...
We had camera but somehow all day it stayed in the not a single picture:)

See you next month:P with further updates.
As my brother will be visiting I think I will gather new pics:)