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Monday, January 26, 2009


Woke up at 8 both days!

Window shopped. Latest shopping was three shirts randomly bought and without intention. Always when I go shopping with the idea I want to buy something...I come back empty handed. Anyway I am looking forward to spring and summer and marine style!

Watched the Slumdog millionaire. 'Taj Mahal is a 5 * hotel...and here is the swimming pool.' I loved the dance at the end. Makes you get rid of the hard feelings from the movie and leaves in you a cheerful mood.

Cleaned at home a bit. Think twice a week should be enough. But the dirt seems to gather 5 minutes after cleaning.

Went for a walk on the dam. Water was all frozen so we were actually walking on the ice.

Watched 'Revolutionary road' but didn't get amazed.

Fell asleep while watching The Wrestler...Too blond:D Almost got jealous on his hair:P

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who said having an It guy as a boyfriend is easy?

It's not!
He has oncall, he has to work almost each evening...
Or do I crave too much attention?

I hate those people!

I don't understand the people who are permanently in a bad mood.
I know that sometimes you have a bad day or something but there are some people who no matter what are pissed off and contribute to a bad atmosphere.
If that would be the case in my free time I would ignore them or not meet them.
But sometimes this people turn out to be your boss or colleague and you have to bare their presence on a daily basis.
In my opinion it doesn't take too much to put a smile on your face or at least act normal since we end up pretty often in stressful situations etc.Why make it worse, right? But I guess for this kind of people it is something normal.
I just hate them!
Anyway I take it more as challenge. Ah, I must have picked up this corporate language where shitty is being translated as challenge:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hair care

If I wasn't too lazy I would have put a picture with all the hair products which I am using. But since I am, you will have to satisfy yourself with my explanation :P
Not long ago I read an advice in Cosmo, which I try to apply.
So in order to avoid breaking ends put conditioner ( I am using a mask)on the end before washing the hair. This will help the ends of the hair not to dry out and eventually not to break so easily.
So you are already aware of the 1st step.
This steps varied according to the time I have and the mood I am in:)
Sometimes I use the stimulation oil from Ikarov. It costs only 5 lv and it's some mixture in almond oil. I like it because I would like to believe it's natural and besides it really helps in case of dandruff ( much better than Nisoral, honestly!)
2nd step: Ducray Elution, Ducray Extra Doux, Ducray Anaphase. Depending on the mood I am using one of those three.
3rd step: A hair mask recommended to me by my friends. Comes in big packs and costs only 6 lv. And yeah it's being also sold at pharmacies if this will convince you in it's quality. It's based o henna.
4th step: Crystals! Doesn't it sound amazing to use crystals ;P
5th step: Klorans' dry shampoo with oat extract. It's a spray which absorbs the sebum. It's quite useful if you don't want to wash your hair each 2nd day but each 3rd for example:) It helps to regulate the sebum, saves time and yeah it's good:)

Of course very often I don't have time to go through all that steps but I give my best from time to time. Now my goal is to grow a bit longer hair. Let's hope I don't go mad and cut it :D

Hope it was helpful in a way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

soon will be 4 months

since me and Martin moved out.
It is fine to be on our own. No flatmates, no wondering where to spend the night.
As a whole it is more relaxing. He is a great help in cleaning, laundry etc...
not much to complain about:D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

lazy sunday

Woke up at 8:30 with headache.
Since I didn't have any sea salt I sacrificed my bath salt to cure my headache by warming it up and putting it in a sock:)
Sometime around 14:30 I finally got out of bed. Made salad and now crawling back to bed for some movies:)
Doesn't it sound lazy and relaxing:P
Anyway I think I was active enough this weekend. Friday I went to the movies to see Yes Man, Saturday I spend outdoors snowboarding and in the evening even went to visit friends so I deserve a lazy day:D


Yesterday we went snowboarding in Recki, 150 km away from Brno. Unpleasant thing was that we were changing in front of the car to our equipment but as a whole was fun. Snow was just wonderful, super soft and made it all so much easier. Even though I get better I am still not able to get off the chairlift without falling! Damn.
Now I realize what a big advantage is Vitosha mountain in Sofia.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today in the afternoon I finally decided to book another spinning hour for today evening. I thought it will be good for me to sweat a bit. Maybe even the headache would pass and I will release the stress. Few minutes after that I received invitation for the evening of a dear friend to go out so I will have a busy evening.I am not planning to stress. I will take it easy, go spinning, take a shower, dress, buy a flower and hit the pub. Even though I will be late ;-)

Easy and Galya was writing in her last post. I refuse to be give myself to stress...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today I went spinning. I am not doing any sports except occasional ice skating, swimming and yeah snowboarding.
Today I went to spinning and it was quite fun. At one point I was wondering if I will make it till the end and luckily I survived.
Here is the place:

I can recommend Honza. He spoke English and was nice to us explaining etc. The best part is that the first lesson for beginners is for free! Besides it's located in Hotel Slovan which is super convenient for me coz I need to enter the building next to my house. I am thinking of carrying on spinning at least once a week!

Check it out:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here we stayed...It was 50 metres away from the cabin lift

After cabin lift we took chair lift and that's the view from the top of the slope. Chimneys, smoke, so good to be up in the fresh air!

Snowboarding: :D

The slope :

Here is the proof:

Stage reached : advanced beginner:) I am able to do both turns! Horray!

Here was my very helpful boyfriend. I don't think I would manage so well without his great help. He was there for me to tie my boots, bind me or unbind me, pull me when I lost the speed:)

Christmas in Brno