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Monday, September 28, 2009

Bio vegetables

How you know your vegetables are ecological enough?

When you squeeze а caterpillar while cleaning the broccoli, thinking it's a leaf.

After that Martin continued with the broccoli cleaning as I was too disgusted.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clarks...not worth the money

In spring I bought nice casual shoes Clarks from a store in Brno(Gryc store on Silingrovo).
They had some super cool insoles and it felt really soft when wearing them ...just great. So far it was good. Not long ago I discovered that they got unstuck and even the heal was unstuck, not only in the front. Today I went to this store, they said they will repair them and I can take them back in a month from now.
I tried to actually return them but it didn't work.

Wanted to share my dissatisfaction. I am not sure who to blame whether the store which sold them to me or the producer but at the end but it sucks whichever way it is.
Somehow with time I get less and less convinced that paying gives you in reward quality...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love to buy books

Yesterday I added 6 more pieces to my collection.
Due to small misunderstanding in the bookstore I had to come back.They had charged me for 7 books but I had only 6 in the bag...I went to get my money back and later that evening I realized I was planning to buy in fact 7 books and they have charged me for them but they had forgotten to put the 7th in the bag as well..
Anyhow, on the list is Haruki Murakami ...:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

busy busy busy

This end of the year is and will be sooooo busy for me, work related,study related.

Now I am home combining home office and exams (home office is the perfect way how to stay longer home and not waste your vacation if your case is the same as mine) By this I mean that my exams are each thursday or friday and flying ah, wait , now that there is no skyeurope..., so coming by bus each time for the weekend would kill me financially as well as physically coz traveling by bus is indeed a challenge more over our country, so as Serbia are not in Schengen which involves waiting at the borders and as it turns out due to various reasons, may it be that the drivers carry luggage with invoice but without any taxes on it or something else, it can be veeery time consuming.

Anyhow I just felt stressed by the thought of all upcoming things...currently fighting with UNSS,than preparing for ITIL as I have the exam at the end of September.
At the end of September also an education starts in which I will participate and last but not least I am in the team preparing some internal education. Ah and not to forget that if I would manage my last two exams I can enroll for diploma work, hoping I can defend in the beginning of next year not now coz seems impossible...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Aids is a mass murderer

I am not going to comment on those three pictures.

Check them out yourselves

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was supposed to fly this thursday home with Skyeurope.

I will still get home thanks to the oldschool way of transportation between countries- bus.

But I am a bit disappointed. Not sure yet if we would be able to recover our money. They have written on their website that if you bought them with card there is a chance that the bank could give it back.
On the other hand a girl commented on my FB status saying they are expecting 2800 euro back from a canceled group ticket and they never got it back.

I had tickets with RyanAir for October to London and they changed the dates but they send me an email asking me if I agree or would like to refund my money.

And Skyeurope seems not to be loyal. I am it can get tough and I am sure it did but come on!