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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walking on the street of Prague

and still have to remind myself that I actually live here now. Weird!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Couch hunt results - Ikea is the winner

Pictures are from the Ikea website. Model of the couch is Kivik.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let the couch hunt begin now!

As we have moved to a bigger flat it is finally time to get ourselves a nice big couch so we can watch movies comfortably in the living room as well as to provide bigger comfort to our guests:) Until now we were using a humble version of a couch, extendable, quite uncomfortable but servings its purpose. Time for upgrade!
Hopefully we find what we are looking for. It will be a lot of testing today:)
I am trying to figure out how to use some empty space in the hallway. What is the point of having a huge hallway? Yes, it is spacious but it is a space you can't really utilize...the only option I can think of is to buy another "Malm" and place it to one which is already there but Ikea has decided to not produce any furniture in this particular colour that we have our "Malm" in...The other thing will be to move this dark brown in the living room but the rest of the furniture is in a lighter colour so it won't match... ajaja headache :) I wish I could use the help of a designer who would help me get the most out of our flat but dream back to reality and off to a couch hunting adventure!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Life savers

This two products are a necessity for me :)
I use the dry shampoo as my hair tends to get oily in the roots already on the 2nd day which is not a big deal in summer but in winter it is quite annoying to have to wash it that often.

The hand cream is perfect for dry hands as my tend to be during the winter months.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is it me or?

So as you eventually might know I got engaged at the end of January. Ever since few things changed a bit. My boyfriend is now my fiancee and I am engaged. Nevertheless I often still refer to him as my boyfriend in conversations with other people. It just feels easier to say and I don't have to answer questions, assuming there are any.
I do enjoy though telling the story of how I got the ring, my precious:) I wasn't wearing rings until then but now I do. I even found out that the ring has to be cleaned as a lot of dirt manages to get in the place below the diamond, as well as that white gold is not a hard metal because my poor ring got a bit scratched :(
So I know already what the wedding rings will be made of ;)

Another funny thing with getting engaged is that one has suddenly two anniversaries to celebrate. I don't plan to stick to one. I would like to still celebrate the day we meet as well as the day we got engaged:) Actually none of us remembers when our first date was so we always pick up some day at the end of July and celebrate then. Not sure if some couples do have a day and actually what counts as of 'beginning of the relationship'? Ah well.

Super excited!

My brother and his girlfriend are going to spend New Year's Eve with me and Martin. No plan yet but what matters is that we will spend it together! Super excited and looking forward to it!

Tomorrow I will go to the doctor again. Only week after I stopped taking antibiotic my throat hurts again! How lame is that? :(
This time I plan to go before my throat hurts insane much and hopefully I get something which can stop whatever party is going on in tongue is all white, can't be good.
I have a business trip in a week from now and then I am going to a company Xmas party in 2 weeks. Ah well...keeping my fingers crossed..for myself. Don't understand what happened to my immune system. The whole summer I was feeling fine and then since end of September it's now the third time that I have a whatever, last time it was bacterial infection...Yikes!
Anyways, dinner time. Omelet it is for a 4th night in a row, this time with mushrooms.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Prague - Dresden - Leipzig - Magdeburg - Berlin - Prague

I am back from the road trip. Wasn't on a road trip until now but it was great. You get to visit many places at once. Good thing is that I was taking pictures because I am a little confused from all the things we have seen. Actually few years ago I spent 2 weeks in Leipzig on a training so it was a bit more familiar so as Berlin which I managed to visit in that time as well for a day.

Dresden is beautiful. Small but neat with a lot of things to see like the Green Vault, which we left for another time. Autumn isn't the best time for sightseeing not only because you freeze outside but because all the trees and parks look a bit sad as well.
Nevertheless we managed to enjoy ourselves. I had misjudged the weather and had taken my winter jacket but seems it is good to wear on minus temperatures only as I kept on sweating. Well I bought a coat. Navy blue, with hood and long one.
Leipzig is the city where Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked.
Next on our agenda was Magdeburg. We visited Hundertwassers house known as the Green Citadel. We also made several attempts to find the water bridge and luckily at the end we succeeded. After that we headed to Berlin. There was a bit delay on the way due to a burning car on the highway. How freaky is that. It never crossed my mind that the car you ride in can catch on fire and I hope I don't experience it. Once we were in Berlin we wanted to check in and on the way to the hotel we ended up in some shady neighborhood full with prostitutes at 18 o clock. Found it a bit weird. Luckily there was a problem with our reservation and we were sent to another hotel. This relieved me a lot :)
We went for a walk in the evening. We couldn't visit the parliament as apparently you have to book it several days in advance but we made it to the tv tower which was above 200 metres. The next day we went to see 'Checkpoint Charlie' and the museum called topography of terror...brutal things were happening during the years before the second world war...and when you think about it is only 70,80 years ago only. Glad people made such a progress!
The way back was smooth. 4 hours after departing from Berlin we were already home :) knock knock...
We had too little time to check so I guess we will be going back again but we will choose a better, warmer time of the year :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Packed, ready steady go!

What a week it has been...antibiotics and sick leave but now I am healthy. Let's see how long until next cold...anyways.
Packed and ready to enjoy a super cold trip to our neighbors!
Taking my Emus, hopefully they do their job. By the way there isn't a more ugly shoe than Emu, Uggs etc. That's it I said it :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friends with benefits!

It exceeded my expectations and was more or less fun!

Friday, November 11, 2011

just keep on going!

9.11.11 it started, hope it lasts...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pretty little liars!

Today I found out about this serial and I am ever since watching it.
It is something like gossip girl but with more thrill...

Antibiotics is the shit!

I have been suffering from a soar throat for the last 5 days, took Strepsils, sprayed Bioparox... until I got so pissed that nothing changes and went to the doctor. As a result I got antibiotics and sick leave. Pity that the first three days of a sick leave are not paid but at the end screw the money, let's get healthy. I am just writing this to tell about the antibiotics...after 2 pills the throat pain is gone already! w.o.w and god help my liver!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Amazing pictures of breast cancer survivors!

Today I came across this link and it is terrifying to see what the disease has done.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me and heals are done!

Today on the way to work I stumbled and fell and I was wearing heals!
I think me and heals are done :) I have bought few pairs of heals until now
and I don't really wear them
so I guess I am not investing in healed shoes anymore. Long live the flat oneS!:)
I have a bruised left knee and my right ankle hurts. Wonder if it will get swollen. I guess if it was too damaged
it would be swollen by now. Let's see...
Usually in this age that I am in I am falling only on the slope when I snowboard.
Last time when I bruised my chin it was a year or more ago?