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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stay positive

Bulgarians are very negative people. I can notice it amongst my acquaintances here. Every one accuses the Czech of being smelly, eating too much garlic and I don't know what other bullshit. There are also comments like 'Czech are no good for boyfriends'.
I can go on by giving many other examples but thing is that I never heard someone share something about the positive things here. Nevertheless and no matter how much 'it sucks here' there are some people who seem to be immune against all this plague population here and stay several years. That's called being resistant.
In this regard I would like to share with you what I came across:

Check it out and show you are positive. No, not HIV positive as Cartman was making fun in one part of SP.

Beginning of May and June:P

Time seems to pass quite fast.

So in the last post I was telling you how I spend April and beginning of May and here I am with the prolongation...

May was a sad month.

June was much better. There was a planned trip in the beginning of the month to Cote d'Azur. We left on a sunday and came back on a thursday. It was not enough but quite alright. Of course we didn't manage to see everything but I guess one would need a month at least.
We stayed in Nice, it was our base camp so to say and from there each day we were exploring a destination. The first one was a village very close to the Italian border called Menton.
Actually we had planned for a day to visit Menton and on the way back Monaco but somehow we got stuck in that village walking in the exotic gardens, refreshing ourselves by walking with the trousers rolled up in the sea, eating baguette with prosciutto.

So the next day not to travel in the same direction we went to Cannes.
This time we were smart enough to have the bathing suits with us so after an exhausting walk and being overwhelmed with all multistar hotels we just stayed in the sun and cooled down by taking a short swim.
We climbed up the hill, visited the museum and back again to Nice

Third way was for visiting Monaco. We arrived there 5 minutes before the guards would change so we were speed walking the stairs up to catch the event.
After that we visited the oceanographic museum, then the car collection of King Albert, than the casino in Monte Carlo. Unfortunately even tho we played there was no win but I was trying to persuade Martin that if he would give me 5 more euro and would keep his fingers on mine while trying my luck it could go better..:)

Last day we walked a bit around Nice as our flight was int he afternoon. We visited the Russian church and museum of Chagal and went to collect the luggage.

I was going to upload pictures here but somehow it's a pain in the a** so I would hint you to the source:

I would go again there. Even tho all the beaches were with pebbles only the one in Cannes was sand it's worth to see it. You might feel depressed for being the only one without a LV bag but whatever:)
Hotel we stayed in was on a good location and worth the money.

So after Nice followed a crazy weekend in Sofia and it was crazy not coz of too much fun but of visiting stupid University and taking exams.Anyhow 3 left until I am done.

After that the weekend I was home alone because Martin was on business trip. Because he got one day delay we missed the Depeche Mode concert...
That weekend I was driving his Combi bubu in Brno like a pirate around. Managed to visit all malls and came home with some good stuff.

Meanwhile managed to see Terminator salvation, Transporters-bleeeh and Coralina which was maybe the best of those. A cartoon but a creepy one. I was told that the book is even worse.

So far so much. Maybe it would really make sense to blog more often than to make a month summary...