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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A long waiting ordeal ended today

So last week while drinking cocktails on a night I touched my neck and soon discovered there was a lump there since recently. The paranoid person I am I rushed to my gp who sent me fir an ultrasound check. I had to make an appointment and got one for the beginning of June which for me was quite some time to wait to find out what happened. Anyway I managed to get an earlier appoinment which I had zoday and turned out that it was just a lymph node. Why it got swollen I didn't find out but oh well. At least now I have nothing to be worried about.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Forgot my sox at the gym today so I put the trainers on and tried to survive. Of course not without a damage;(

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5.8 earthquake in Bulgaria

Today morning at 3 a.m. there was an earthquake around Sofia. Luckily besides scared to death nobody was badly harmed. I guess now and then nature reminds us of how powerful she is. My thoughts go to all the people who have ever suffered the consequences of an earthquake❤

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dark shadows

Ancient vampire meets the future;)) liked the movie very much.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The trimer shaver from Wilkinson is awesome

First of all it it 2 in 1 so based on the need you can use the trimmer or the razor and second of all it's tiny, so easy to pack. Last but not least I got it in DM for half the price which makes it even more awesome:))
Today I was efficient , I improved our jousehold by buying a bowl and for plates and I ironed all the washed clothes. Now a bit of reading and sleep! By the way yesterday I tried out the app dreamon and man I had weird dreams. Wondering how it will be today.

Before & after and hopefully tasty

Avocado roll


My shopping today

Super service @ Harfa

I had a cardigan from h&m which after few wears got torn on the sleeve so finally I brought it to the sewer at Harfa who fixed it in no time and I paid 22 crowns;)) then it made me think who needs to know how to sew these days as you can have someone do it for you. Next stop was at the dry cleaners with a white stained t-shirt. If it wouldn't be for the fact that I had worn it just few times before that I would have said farewell. So I took it to the dry cleaner and was asked if I had washed it already. Of course I did, several times but the stain was hardly determined to stay. The lady at the dry-cleaners said I should have brought it straight away and not tried to fix it as now the chances for the stain to be removed were small nevertheless she sprayed some chemical on it an said once I am home to wash it. Will try and see if it works. Regardless of that though I was very pleased that she was so nice and she didn't charge me anything;)))

A pathetic housewife post or how cool DM is

Went shopping to DM and guess what with the vouchers they gave me for gathering points I saved around 400 crowns. Who doesn't like to save money;)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Long day I had

Waking up at 6 o clock to be at the gym at 7. One hour training with my trainer...TRX, Bosu the usual stuff:) After the training I swam for 20 minutes and relaxed in the whirlpool. Stopped at the grocery store to buy my new favorite green veggie namely leak and cottage cheese. Got home and started reading the last 30 pages left of the 2nd part of the trilogy Millenium. After that I cooked fritatta with leak, red bell paprika and mushrooms. Once it was baked I put a bit of parmigiano. Made a salad so I could bring to work, which by the way tasted like shit coz the feta cheese I put was a bit old but what you got to do...Went to work for the late shift and now I am finally home. Tomorrow I have nothing planned before work so I will sleep till I wake up without the alarm, maybe go for a bike ride and just relax:)) Saturday I have a dentist appointment, I got two caries to fix. For the rest of the weekend there is no plan:) I can start planning the visit of Martins parents. Would like to make it to the Bulgarian shop...Oh well, that is the exciting life I have:) Now going to bed with the new book that I have started: Headhunter from Jo Nesbo. Have just read about 40 pages but I get the feeling the main character is a creep. I am still on Scandinavian wave but decided to postpone the last book from the trilogy. At the end beauty in life is hidden in variety:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Popey is getting jelous

At my spinach, green onion and yogurt sallad;)

I am one tough cookie

Todays t-shirt

Metallica live!!!!

F•cking awesome;) the concert was good and well organized. There were queues for beer or stuff but with a bit of patience one could get what one would want. Before Metallica performed Gojra and Machine head . I was loosing my patience as I couldn't wait to finally see them. You the feeling on a stadium when the crowd is super excited and buzzing;)) well they put a good show and at the end of the show there were fireworks and laser show. Now I am looking forward to go to Red Hot! Here are some pics

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Metallica concert

How cool is that:) Tomorrow after work I might need to cancel the gym as the concert starts already at 17 o clock. Looking forward to it. I guess I still get impressed by concerts as I haven't been to that many. I saw Kraftwerk in Sofia, Depeche Mode in Sofia and Prague and Placebo in Brno. Should visit more! The weather has been rainy all day:( and now I realized that it is already afternoon on a Sunday. I want it to be Saturday. I feel my batteries are not charged for the new week and this slight headache isn't helping much. Going for some fresh air on the balcony and a bit of book reading. How was you weekend?


Do you guys use twitter? I started recently and this is my account vstaykova. Check me out;)

Lunch prepared by moi

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Throw some old to make space for new

The shortest bike ride ever but finally I got rid of some old clothes

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Todays walk and lunch in pics

So I scored on foursquare with a walk in touristic Prague. Was beautiful weather, perfect for some sightseeing. After that we had lunch and I had salmon with mash potatoes and corn as you can see. Weird combo in my opinion but tasty. Here is a small figure representing my star sign. I find it super cute.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have read about Tabata but today I actually tried it and oh man this was something. I did one round with squats and ine round with swing.
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