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Monday, January 30, 2012

Back on track nooking!

So, my initial plan was to read my offline books before I start using the Nook...but time passes, the nook was gathering dust and my unread books didn't decrease drastically. Conclusion was to charge the nook and start using it. Now I am reading the Greek mythology! Super awesome!

Manicure and gym on the to do list tomorrow

...besides work of course:) The main event each day except the weekends.
Actually tomorrow is a very important day, it is our first anniversary since our engagement. May there be many of this!

Good night and happy anniversary to me;)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

To exersize or not?

It's a pointlesss question to ask for the time when you feel fit and healthy but what about the times when you have headache and your nose runs?
Well I was thinking that all consequences from working out are always
positive but not long ago I read that in fact it can have bad effects
if you have a cold. On the website of SHAPE I found the following
advice, which I thought was worth sharing:

First, figure out your symptoms. In general, a sickness that causes above the neck symptoms — like a headache, congestion, or a runny nose — means you can exercise. Any flu-like symptoms like aches or pains, chest congestion, nausea, or a fever, means you should stay away from your fitness gear until you feel better.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Saturday was fun and full with activities, traveling to Brno and back, meeting some ex colleagues in Prague and hanging out at the local pub. The weather was bad and it was raining so was wet yikes! Anyway, on Sunday I woke up and soon after started to feel so weak, such a hue headache, cold etc..that I was hardly able to do anything. I am not sure which weekend it is in a row with me surviving half of it and the rest fighting a cold, headache :(
Working from 7 today and to be honest I am already picturing myself being in bed before 22:00 ;:)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just eating breakfast which consists of yogurt and flax seeds , yummy! Later today going for an adventure, hopefully the highways are well maintained and I don't get stuck in traffic jam.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

60 % of the work week completed...

Two more days and the weekend's here. No major plans, just chill at home and eventually snowboard! Can't wait to the beginning of February I am going on a ski trip but I would like to do it much more..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Camera modes

I mentioned earlier that my cam has several shooting modes

Here are some examples with my dear Hello Kitty toy, which I won in Berlin on a game arcade:
Old Film 1
Old Film 2
Half Tone Dot
Fish eye

Star struck!

Puzzle finished and new cam

My new cam turned out to have several settings...

Why incompetent people posess super powers?

I am not saying that Batman, Cat woman, Hulk or Hell boy are incompetent... I am aiming to draw your attention to all those people, you meet at work, at the university or just somewhere along the way who surprise you with the LACK of grey matter in the upper part of their body, a hollow space and sometimes just too hollow, referred to as a head and brain.

According to Dale Carnegie each person or individual along many disadvantages has something he/she is very good at and instead of focusing on his/her weak sides we should try to focus on the good and strong sides a person possesses. I am convinced that such an attitude, full with patience will get you far and it is the right thing to do but I can't help but get annoyed on people who seem to have no motivation to do anything! And I recently noticed that it is my problem. It is my problem that I expect that people are at least on the same level as I am. Same level of being motivated, responsible, conscious, willing to learn and ambitious. Not that it is anyhow connected but I suppose that one of the drawbacks of Communism was/is that you don't do a favor to anyone by giving the same opportunities to everyone.
Some people just don't deserve them. Some people just don't know how to ask for more. How do you motivate the daring individual who has balls when you give both him and the lazy bum same opportunities and chance?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flower power

Not that I am a Feng Shui follower but not long ago I found out that it matters what colour your wallet is so it attracts more money.
The following lines I have taken from a website:

Black or dark blue correspond to the Water element of Feng Shui. Water is responsible for your wealth and prosperity. Black is traditionally considered to be the best color for a wallet.
White, grey, silver or gold are said to be responsible for stability and permanence and could infuse your financial affairs with these qualities. Gold is nearly always associated with luxury and wealth and will help to attract these into your life.
Red is the color of the Feng Shui Fire element. Red activates and energizes the positive flow of money into a wallet.
Green is the color of Feng Shui Wood element and represents growth and development. A green wallet will help to contribute positively to your financial situation.
Yellow or brown are associated with the Earth element of Feng Shui, and will add stability, reliability and confidence to your wealth building skills

Looking at my new wallet I might consider turning into a Feng Shui follower...the only thing that bugs me is it says you should remove all the cards like driving license etc not to 'distract' the energy. Not sure this works but decided to share it so the obvious bragging seems less obvious:)

Me ♥ Moleskine!

My new weekly notebook diary! I was checking today on the website which one would be best for me and I choose this option: weekly diary notebook. When I was at the bookshop the only option was the Pac Man limited edition. It wouldn't be my first choice but since I wanted to have it straight away half hearten I bought only to discover later on what a great notebook it was. The weekdays are listed on the left and on the right there is space for taking notes. What a great way to comment and write down some memories:) A friend commented I should get a smart phone but I am not sure a fancy Moleskin notebook can be replaced by a smart phone ;)
Here are both my Moleskin notebooks:the Pac-Man edition and the Japanese Album

Not sure you can read it but it says 'High Score'

Hopefully the new year will bring all of us many 'high scores' and it will be full with emotions as bright as the color of my Moleskin ;)

Today I was running errands one needs to do after moving to a new city...slowly but surely I am settling down:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Challenge the artist in youself!

Everyday I'm puzzeling

Skull shots

Earring frame

If you have too many earrings and you wonder how to keep them all in one
place, that's a great way to do it:

You just need a frame, net and a glue gun!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Who said it sucked to have bday not long after Xmas?

Well not me definetly :o) because ever since the 24th of December I have been receiving presents.On 24th the one from grandparents, on 25th the one from parents and a bday present, on 26th the one from Martin and yesterday I received again a bday present and tomorrow more will come :)
Anyways I am a proud owner of a Swarovski necklace with a cute little bear on it.
Me loving it!