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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off to Kalamitsi!

One more day at work, packing...
Bus to Vienna, flight to Thessaloniki and here it comes : a whole week of doing nothing but sunbathing and swimming in the sea.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Biking, mosquitoes and mini cinema

Saturday in Ostrava or Visiting Martins parent

The day started with biking around the area here. In total 22 km. I wish we could stay longer out and ride more but we had to get back for lunch which for some reason takes place at 12:00. Anyway weather forecast was saying it will rain from noon so pressured by the upcoming bad weather and our appearance to lunch we headed back.
I found out that I have problems with riding up the hill. I might not be able to change the gears in my advantage or I am too weak for that. My favorite terrain to ride the bike is somewhere in the forest where the ground is firm but at the same time soft and there is no bouncing or even on the road, preferably without the cars. Main point is it should be not going up nor down just straight and even surface:D

After coming back from the biking we had lunch and watched a little TV. I was sleepy as hell but refused to sleep.Later on went for a desert hunt in the garden and last but not least I was mowing the grass with the tractor.

Then there was time for afternoon coffee and then the rain started to pour.
We had reservation for the movie 'Bottle Shock' at MiniKino:)
Was the cutest smallest cinema I've ever seen and what was best was prices were half of what you would pay at the fancy shmensy cinemas.
I liked this one mostly for it's attitude and being different.

This was pretty much all we did this Saturday.

Ah, almost forgot. Ostrava mosquitoes don't seem to like Bulgarians:D
Not only I got bitten several times but I got bitten next to my left eye which lead to me resembling more an Asian than an Eastern European with that swollen eye!

A picture of me on the tractor will follow:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink panther

I wanted to bike since a longer time. Now that it's summer I can't think of something better to enjoy an active life. Walking is fun but it's taking forever, roller blades might be fun too but somehow too close to the earth and not that stable maybe?

So my idea of buying a bike got fulfilled.
On Tuesday I went in one shop just to check and there it was...I asked for the tires to have them both for roads and terrain, I got a bottle holder? if that's how it is called...front light, back light .

Wednesday I picked up the bike and drove it for few hundred meters from the shop to home and today I went with it to the city. I wanted initially to go to Brno lake but when the bike alley ended on Purkynova I didn't know where to head so I came back.

In total 12 kms with my bike or so this little device for measuring says:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer heat in the city

Summer heat + public transport in Sofia = incredible sensation and fainting

: D

One improvement I notice is that time tables appeared on the bus stations and also from time to time a plan of the public transport in Sofia.