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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eating healthy these days;)

This is a frittata for which I used 8 eggs, a pack of bacon and leak which I boiled a bit before. I put the leak first, poured the whisked eggs with bacon in them and baked it. Delicious!

Marinated neck pork in olive oil and garlic with cauliflower puree with butter. For the marinate I used a spoon of olive oil, few garlic gloves. Left it overnight and then baked it. The cauliflower puree I prepared by first boiling the cauliflower, than with the hand blender turning it into a puree.

Filled mushrooms with minced meat and lettuce salad with mustard as dressing. I pealed the mushrooms and put the mixed minced meat with eggs as filling. Baked it. Used bio mince.

Okay, that is the winner of the week, namely beetroot chips! I pealed the beetroot, used the peeler to cut it in thin slices. Melted 2 tea spoons if coconut oil, sprinkled it over the beet root slices, added a bit if salt and baked it. Super yummy!!!

Below are the filled mushrooms which I had pimped with a small slice if cheese:)

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